Media City

Hello Everyone!

Life is picking up speed these days.  We’ve been exploring on the weekends, and finally found our chairs!  I was holding out for replica’s of the famous Eames Chair, and finally found them at this ridiculous place called Dragon Mart.  Housed in International City, it used to be called China mart or something along those lines, and is basically a gigantic warehouse that stretches for a couple miles, and you walk amongst the shops in an almost souk-like fashion.  I don’t think I could find the store again if you asked me, but we got the chairs for 70 AED, which is 19 USD.  Excellent.  Now here’s to hoping they don’t fall apart, because as we all know “buy cheap, buy twice” haha.  Daryl and I went to the local farmer’s market on Friday, which was wonderful!  I got three huge bunches of kale for 10 AED (3USD), and we picked up some other veggies.  As most of the fruit and vegetables are imported, the quality and freshness of produce isn’t great, and I’ve found that it goes off quite quickly.  I’m hoping if we start to use more locally grown produce, that it will last longer, and taste better!  It was also a nice way to spend a Friday morning, walking around the markets.   I also successfully went on yet another visa run.  This one I booked with a company (best visa run) and a driver literally drives you across the border to Oman, and then back.  Total it takes around 4ish hours out through the sand.  I saw a lot of camels.  Daryl went on the drive but saved himself 80AED and didn’t cross the border with me.  It was a (nice) way to spend the morning.  I also have finally secured something to fill my days with!  I’ve started as an intern with RAPP, a global marketing agency here in the U.A.E.  Yes, yes, only an internship, but I feel this is the best way to make the transition into the workforce, as I’ve been out of touch for a while.  This will also allow me to get a feel for how things work here in the middle east.  I had my first day on ‘pizza Thursday’ and already love it.  There are a lot of changes happening in the next couple of weeks so I hope I can prove myself useful and help out around the office!

That’s mostly what’s been happening with me.  My days are going to start getting pretty busy now that I have a job to go to every day.  I am excited to see what working life is like here in Dubai!


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