A month already!?

I can’t believe we’ve been in Dubai now for over a month!  Since my last update we have successfully moved into our new apartment!  (YAY)  and have simultaneously realized the joys (pains) of setting up a new house from scratch.   There is so much STUFF involved with setting up a new house!  When you think you’ve bought every type of furnishing that you may need, you realize you’ve only just scratched the surface of the things you need.  It’s slowly getting there, it is quite hard when you don’t have a car to transport the mass amount of things you’ve just bought from ikea back to your house, but we’ve managed somehow!  We will be getting a couch and a table delivered next week, so far we’ve been eating sitting on the floor, or standing up.  I really want to order my Arne Jacobsen chairs for the kitchen and have been searching high and low for them here in Dubai.  We might be standing for a bit longer.

Daryl and I went to Doha this past weekend.  I needed to do my first (and hopefully only) visa run.  In Dubai, the tourist visa you get on arrival is only good for 30 days, so you have to leave and come back to get another one.  Hopefully my visa will start getting processed soon, and I won’t have to complete another visa run.  My first impressions of Doha, Qatar was that I was FREEZING.  I guess I have climatized pretty fast because when the temperature drops below 18 or 19 C ( 64-66 F) I feel like I need to have on a winter coat.  I was actually shivering at one point, and I just laughed at myself.  Aside from the drop in temperature, Doha was pretty tame.  Much more laid back and quiet than the Dubai lifestyle.  I’ve heard that Doha is much more conservative than Dubai, however I didn’t notice much of that while I was there.  There was still the infamous Friday brunch, rooftop bars and nightclubs, and fancy dinners with even fancier wine (insert pinky out here).  One thing I did notice is that the Taxi drivers will rip you off.  They don’t run the meter, and though you are supposed to get your ride for free if that happens, somewhere deep inside you know that these people don’t make enough money to put food on the table, and that is why they are charging you an extra 10 or 20 Riyal (3-5 USD) per ride.  Fair enough.  We have to make it in this world somehow.  I liked Doha, but there wasn’t much to do.  We explored the Souks, went to the Villagio mall (which looked really cool) and toured the museum of Islamic Art (which I thoroughly enjoyed).  Apparently, that’s about all there is to do in Doha, and it was a good thing we only spent a weekend there.

As I am waiting to get internet set up in our new place, I am becoming best friends with the Baristas downstairs.  There is a Caribou Coffee literally located right outside our complex.  Which is great for me, bad for my wallet.  Good for the internet though.


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