Settling In

Vacation is over!  Daryl had his first day of work today, and I spent Sunday’s the way they should be… curled up with some re-runs of Gilmore Girls on the couch.  I was so excited for Daryl, I just couldn’t wait for him to finish work and come home to tell me all about his day.

We finally secured a place.  After some initial hassle with the first apartment that we fell in love with, we put an offer in for an apartment in the same complex on the 4th floor.   It doesn’t have a balcony (one less Pinterest page of possibilities) or an additional 1/2 bath, but it will suite our new Dubai lifestyle just fine.  We were very sold on the facilities of the building, and how close it was to Daryl’s work, so we feel very lucky to have this apartment.  I cannot wait to start decorating and making this house a home!  These days I really am going overboard on Pinterest, but there are just so many good ideas out there and I really want to utilize them in this new space.  It will be me and Daryl’s first place together, and we’re overflowing with ideas on how to style it!  Hopefully we will be able to start moving in next week, and that will give us enough time to clean and grab all the details in order to furnish the property.

We’ve pretty much seen all that we wanted to see of Dubai… we could have had a few more beach and Marina days but we enjoyed using some of our days for non touristy things, like shopping for furniture and dining at Ikea.  This means that we still have things to do on weekends… even though I’m pretty sure that if we had managed to check all the touristy items off our list we’d still have plenty of activities to fill our days.

I am going to start my own job hunt soon, even though I have been looking to see what is out there, I will start the process of actually putting pen to paper and writing those cover letters and applying for jobs later this week.  I haven’t quite shaken the holiday mindset just yet, and still look forward to lazy days spent tanning by the pool.  However I know myself and I can’t keep that lifestyle up for long, I will need something more to fill my days with soon enough, and am very excited about the job search!  There is already so much in this city I know I will find the perfect match for me.


Until tomorrow:)


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