2 years and more

Just the other day I hit the two year mark of my time spent here in Denmark.  It’s exciting to think that I have actually ‘made it’ and lived out my dream in this country for 2 years.  Its all so bittersweet.  As I prepare to finish my thesis in the coming weeks, and start preparing for my move across the world (again) I find myself both happy and sad to leave this place.
Denmark has changed me in so many ways, and I will always feel I have a home here, and hopefully, somehow, the world will lead me back here someday.  I really do feel a sense of belonging amongst the Danes here in Denmark, especially during Danish summer.  How can you not love life in this perfect weather that we have been granted up here in Scandinavia?!

Daryl was just here for a magical two weeks, and we got the chance to visit Dubrovnik, Croatia and Kotor, Montenegro. These are two beautiful cities and the farthest south in Europe I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.  Just taking in the scenery in these places was enough to keep me occupied.  Denmark is flat, flat, flat. Croatia has mountains that shoot well up into the sky, touching the clouds at some points and disappearing amongst the atmosphere.  Compare that to the crystal clear blue water of the Adriatic sea and you’ve got a wicked picturesque scene with stunning contrasts.  I can see why the street artists here sell so many paintings, its almost surreal at times, the varying sights and scenes.  I loved Croatia.  True- it was high tourist season and they aren’t too keen on accommodating vegetarians, we managed to frolic amongst that tourist crowd, and even find a vegetarian restaurant (that was so delicious we ended up eating there every day).
Kotor was a nice contrast, as a city of only 25,000 people, there were practically no tourists and even less vegetarian food (we ate pizza, pasta and omelettes everyday). The entire town is a UNESCO heritage site, and wow is it a beauty.  We got the chance to take the trek up the side of a mountain (1500 stairs and 4 kilometers  up) for a spectacular view of the city.  It took us about 2 hours to complete the journey, and after 2 liters of water and a sweat soaked back we reached the top.  We caught our breath and stayed at the top for a while, before working out our quads on the way down.  I just kept thinking, how did the soldiers do this everyday to get to their posts?!  Ridiculous!
A fun moment on the walk was when we came across the church of Our Lady of Remedy, on the way up to St. Johns Mountain and dates back to 1518.  I remembered so vividly, when my Grandmother took me to Canada and make a pilgrimage to climb up the stairs of a Catholic Church on her knees, offering prayers up in a sort of sacrifice on her own pilgrimage.  Its a physical way to make a sacrifice for a prayer intention.  What struck me was when we got to this church and read the history, many of the towns residents would make a pilgrimage just like my grandmother did climbing up the stairs on the mountainside to offer prayers.  I thought, Grandma is on this trip with us.  The next morning when I walked outside there was a ship in the harbour, called the Queen Elizabeth… my Grandmother sure was there with me on the trip climbing up the mountains with us.

We had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Copenhagen catching up with old friends and cycling around the city.  Denmark really has a magical air to it this time of year.  Or maybe it was because I was all abuzz with romantic butterflies.  Still, we checked out the new street food market, had beers on the old queens bridge, rented a boat and took it around the canals, and had some delicious home cooked meals.

I have new roommates now, and yes I am completely over the Dorm Life Living.  In that sense I can’t get out of Denmark fast enough.  I’ve loved my roommates and the friendships they have brought me, but I am ready for a place of my own.  Its back to thesis work for me, until its completed on the 19th.  Then I will just be packing and headed off to Oz.

Till next time internet world…

Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.


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