the light changes and we escape forward

The title of this post originates from a Charles Bukowski Poem.  I have since closed the book and forget the title of the piece, however that one sentence resonates with me daily.  The light is strange that way, how it can change someones mood.  When I look back on my time in Copenhagen, I won’t think about the lack of sunlight in the winter months, because the never-ending summer sun makes up for those long dark winters ten-fold.  However, the seasons are changing now and spring is in the air.  Daylight savings time is tonight and we spring forward, giving us Copenhagen’ers another hour of that precious sunlight.  The sun will start to set around 20:00 or 8:00 pm for all those reading back home.  The days are mostly hovering around 7 C now, or 45 F again, for my American friends.  I’m looking forward to going to sunny Paris on Monday, where the temperature will be 20!  (70 degrees back home).  I’m packing sunny clothes and I want to buy a big floppy hat so I can feel Parisian while drinking wine in Paris.

Paris, yes… Paris on Monday!  I was going to meet up with an old friend, but circumstances have changed and thankfully i’ve convinced my roommate Sarah to come along with me for the quick 2 day exploration:)  We will leave Monday afternoon, and have a full day tuesday and return to Copenhagen late wednesday night.  I think thats enough time to see some of Paris!  Sarah and I are joking that we are going on a romantic roommate date to Paris… it is quite a romantic city though, isn’t it!  I haven’t been there for almost 10 years now, so I’m looking forward to the pang of nostalgia that might flood my senses.  Who knows though, I was a different human being when I came to Paris at a mere 16 years of age.  We’ve found a room in a female only floor in what appears to be a very nice and newly renovated hostel.  I have come to enjoy the smaller perks of being a female, and the rejoice in the tiny comforts of female only floors.  I have stayed in mixed rooms before, but with a group of at least 6 of us.  When the group I am with makes up more than half of the floor, i’m perfectly fine with having the rest of the mix both male and female, yet its just Sarah and I… i’ll take the female only floor:)  I am very excited to drink some delicious coffee and eat some crepes and bread.

I’ve been busily writing my thesis, and yesterday (Friday) submitted my first piece of writing, plus a fully detailed 3 page outline of what the thesis will include.  I’m still not quite where I want to be with my research, however I’m cutting myself some slack there since Its about a 100 page work, I think I will need a good amount of time to research.  I am taking all my work with me to Australia and will work on it the month I am away, while Daryl is at work.  It works out well in that sense, I know my wandering mind and I would get distracted by not only Daryl, but the profusion of accents, sun, sand and økologiske cafe’s.  It will be nice to sit down at the library, no distractions but in a new environment to gain some new insight.  I was lucky enough to pick up a few extra shifts at work, some to cover Paris and the others just to cover my never-ending growing list of expenses and month long excursion to Australia.  The sun comes out and I want to explore my city (and every other place in the world)!  It does cost some kroner, but it is so very very worth it.

I had the pleasure of walking around ørestad yesterday with my friend Mona.  We stopped and got an ice cream as the temperature outside was around 12 and it was extremely sunny.  What an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon!  We stopped at my favorite ice cream shop, Ismageriet that is a quick 7 minute walk away from where I live.  We each got an ice cream cone, I selected nutella and pistachio with my favorite Danish ice cream topping ‘guf’.  Its actually the ingredient found in my other favorite Danish sweet flødeboller.  Anyway, Guf is a creamy substance that covers the entire cone like molten lava. This topping is made by mixing whipped egg whites with sugar and is a bit like marshmallow fluff.  It is quite a spectacular topping I might add, and a must to try if you are in Denmark.

Then Mona and I headed off to the mall, as the sun was starting to set and the warmth was fading with it.  We moseyed our way around the multitide of stores- trying on clothes, picking out shoes and handbags, dreaming about how we would arrange and decorate our apartment in the midst of Danish Design, eventually stopping at the Bilka to pick up some food for dinner.  We said our goodbyes, as I wasn’t sure if that was the last time I would see her before I left for Australia… I always run into Mona though, as she lives right across the courtyard and I can see her house from my balcony:)

Today I am busy packing for Paris, trying on outfits to complete my perfect parisian style for the short city break I will be having.  I have to go into work later, and off to a friends 25th birthday tonight.  Thankfully I managed to have some friends who are very well connected and was able to put us on the list for the nightclub Hive.  Its apparently one of the nicest in Copenhagen.  I’ve never been, as I tend to stay away from the places that judge you on the way you walk, talk, and the designers you clothe yourself in.  I’m sure I will enjoy myself though, as I’ve learned that it is the people that make an evening… not the place.  I hope you all have a very good weekend and a good start to your week.  I am enjoying this start of spring.  Surely enjoying it 🙂

In Danish News.

Well, it’s not really news, but its hilarious.  This video, by Gruppe Læsset is not only hilarious, but perfectly explains all Copenhagen’ers interactions with the metro system.  Check In, Check Out reads the title.  hehe  Check it out, HERE.
The next piece of hilariousness to come from Denmark is a new Ad Campaign by the travel agency, Spies.  Apparently, the birthrate in Denmark is the lowest its been in 27 years. Danmark står over for en krise. (CRISIS IN DENMARK)   The fewer Danes that are born, the less Danes there are to support the aging population.  That’s not acceptable in Denmark, and they created a hilarious ad campaign to not only increase travel, but to also (hopefully) increase the birth rate through travellers quick city breaks.  Check out the deliciously crafted campaign to help save Denmarks future HERE.

I’ve attached the photos in a gallery so you can browse through them.  There are shots taken from around ørestad and also on our walk to the ice cream store.  I have also included some of the inside of Bolia, my favorite Danish Design shop… which I will be decorating my home in.  Ill just order straight from the catalogue.  Im obsessed with the simplicity.


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