The air was soft, the stars so fine, the promise of every cobbled alley so great, that I thought I was in a dream

I always think that I do not have much going on in my life, yet I guess it is somewhat exciting.

Spring is here and the moods of all danes are vibrantly shining.  I love how the city comes back to life when the sun shines.  The mood is lifted so much, its actually quite ridiculous how much the sun breathes life back into the atmosphere and city life.

Most days I spend in the library working on my thesis.  I wrote my first page the other day (1 down, 99 more to go).  Yes its around 100 pages.  Yes I don’t think I will be able to finish it, yet I keep reading everyday.  I do enjoy working with my thesis partner, Joakim, and we help keep each others moods up on most otherwise dreary days.  We are supposed to hand in a first draft of something next week.  I have no idea how much or what we will have, but ideally we want to have our theory part written.  Who knows if that will actually happen. I have a page so far to turn in so thats actually somewhat of a start.  I am still enjoying researching my topic, so that is always a good sign.

My roommates are amazing.  Maria broke her collarbone the other week after a tragic bike accident.  I say tragic but it really was just her falling sideways and hitting the ground at the wrong angle.  Her mom has been living with us and helping her out.  Poor thing she can’t move her arm at all.  Maria’s mother is amazing, if anything can describe her mother it’s your typical spanish mom.  She cooks and cleans and speaks lots of spanish to us, even though we can’t understand her.  Knowing some Danish has actually helped me understand the spanish words, cinnamon for example, is Kanel in Danish and is some version of Kanel in Spanish.  I wouldn’t have known that if it weren’t for Danish.

Speaking of knowing Danish, Starbucks is offering free Danish Langauge courses 1 day a week for 2 hours.  I signed up!  I actually am going to make a further attempt to learn and speak this language.  Did I mention I speak it pretty much fluently at Starbucks, and have asked all my Danish friends to ONLY speak to me in Danish so I am forced to learn it a little faster.  Sometimes I dont know what they are saying really, but most of the time I can piece together words I understand and form together a conclusion of what they are saying.  It’s kind of exciting to know what people are saying when at first this language seemed like a complete slurring of mumbled words at first.  Also, and I found this out after I signed up, you get a free tablet to help you continue to learn the language.  Now i’m almost in it just to get the free tablet.  I always wanted to learn the language, my first teacher was just so horrible that it really turned me off to the whole idea of it.

 In Danish News

Denmark to introduce dual citizenship-How exciting!  For a country that [still] only allows you to belong to one identity, opening this alternative for citizens will really make Denmark a country of the world.  

I have been going to the gym and trying to “bulk up”.  Being fit isn’t good enough anymore, I really am obsessed with gaining muscle (At least in my head, you can’t really tell from my appearance, I don’t have muscle yet).  Aside from the fact that I can’t really lift heavy weights, and close my eyes and hurriedly walk past the the part of the gym that I have deemed the ‘sausage fest’ section, I have been making progress.  I have gone from the standard machines to actually lifting free weights and focusing a lot on deadliest and squats.  Today I actually stepped foot in the sausage fest section!  I met a girl from my kollegium who is very into lifting, and asked her if I could join her on some gym days and help her lift and vice versa (even though it is her teaching me most of the time).  She showed me some of the routines that she does in that section, and I tried out a couple… I could actually lift the standard bar and had to put on some extra weight.  It was fun and it was nice meeting another gym buff!  Now I have another person I can call when I need some motivation and not go to the gym by myself.

I have 23 days until my trip to Australia, and man, those days cannot go by fast enough.  though I will really miss Denmark this time around.  I have started to cherish these moments now that I know I have only 6 months left in this wonderful country.  That saying really does apply, you don’t know what you have until its gone.  Hopefully the last of the cold weather will finish out in April and I will come back to warm weather.  I plan on writing a lot of my thesis in Australia, however since I really haven’t started writing yet, I might have to continue the research process while I am there.  Either way I am looking forward to seeing Daryl for a whole month 🙂  I really feel like I am spoiling myself, and I so look forward to September when I can actually move there.

It seems to be wedding season back home, and I am sad I am missing so many of the main life events for so many of my friends.  This is the life I chose, however it would be easier if I had just a little more income and could afford to fly back and forth to see everyone more then once every year.  Money comes and goes, but I would love to have some money just to spend on flights.

Well, just a quick update from a healthy and very happy Caitlin.  I love you all and hope you are looking forward to spring like me!


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