Everyday Life

It’s an exciting week for me!  I officially sign into my thesis contract on Wednesday with my writing partner in crime, Joakim.  We still have yet to formulate a solid research question, but luckily we don’t need quite a concrete one when we sign our contract.  We will be writing about Mobile technologies in tourism, and something along those lines.  We’re thinking something that has to do with user generated content in relation to apps and mobile users.  My thesis supervisor seems absolutely amazing and I am quite excited to work with Klaus Bruhn Jensen.  You can google him if you want, he’s published a lot of books and is quite a researcher!  I am very humbled to be studying under someone who is so obviously ahead of me in my field.  It reminds me that I have a lot to learn and still have quite a ways to grow during this thesis process and the end of my Master’s program here in Copenhagen.  We have 26 weeks to finish our thesis from our signing date on Wednesday the 19th of Feb.  That puts us somewhere in the middle of August for our final hand in date.  Joakim and I hope to be finished by the start of summer so we can each enjoy our last summers here in Denmark.  It’s weird to think that in 6 months my time in Denmark will be coming to an end.  I started this crazy journey 2 years ago with a glazed innocence that I’m still somewhat carrying in my back pocket.  My eyes have really been opened to this world however, and with each  passing day I do grow in ways that I couldn’t have imagined 2 years ago.

As the days get longer and the sun decides to show its wonderful shining face, I find myself renewed with energy every day.  I’m trying to get back on a regular 9-5 school work schedule, and my manager at Starbucks has generously allowed me to work only weekends and save the workweeks for my thesis.  I’m somewhat regretting that choice of mine, because now I have no weekends to myself, but its manageable and much better to focus on school during the week, and my income on the weekends.

I have been exploring Copenhagen again with renewed spirit, as the new souls in my apartment have refreshed my curiosity to explore and wander through this wonderful city.  We often meander together down the streets of Copenhagen, enjoying a cosy evening at home with talks of our days.  Its nice to have some roommates that can enlighten your spirit.  The ones you surround yourself with really do have an impact on how you paint your day and so on and so forth.

Packing up from the library today.  Hope my musings were somewhat interesting on this somewhat sunny day.




One thought on “Everyday Life

  1. I love to hear your musings any day of the week! Glad the sun is shining there as it shining here and I’m ready to go for a run! Hope you have a wonderful day Caitlin!

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