No place like home for the holidays…

I think I finally understand what that saying means.  I’m home this year, first time home in 1 and 1/2 years to be exact.  It feels like nothings changed, except my attitude towards this place.  I left in 2012 running and never wanted to look back.  However this crazy year of 2013 with all of the ups (a new country, new friends new explorations and a new love) and all of the struggles the end of the year brought my way of friends that I had made leaving me, and Daryl returning to Australia and having to really commit to a long long distance, it actually feels nice being back home again.

Seeing all my friends and family has reminded me that I have so much, and that I really never am alone, even though it may at times feel like it.  My best friend met me at the airport when I returned home. Kate Parker!  I was so happy to see her standing along side my mom, and then my dad appeared also!  It was a wonderful welcome home.  We went out to my favorite Mexican place, Moes, right after we had landed.  It was nice just catching up with Kate and my mom and enjoying some delicious burritos!  Kate was the one that dropped me off when I first left, so it was only natural that I should see her first out of everyone! it was nice to be sitting face to face with the ones I love, instead of seeing them over skype!  I just really enjoyed seeing kate and my mom and spending time with them right away:)

Now that I am about to leave to go back to Denmark, I feel sad again. But also happy, I hope to take the experiences from the states back home with me to Copenhagen, and be empowered to finish off the school year strong. It’s always a little cold and lonely, I just think I needed to see my family again to bring that warmth and cozy feelings back into the spotlight 🙂

From January 28. I never realized that I failed to post this little blog post here, but I have returned to Denmark rejuvenated and in high spirits. I have started the prep work on my thesis, which includes contract signing and waiting for a supervisor. I have decided to write on none other than TOURISM! huh?! Who would have thought that. I have gotten right back into the swing of things with work and school and a (finally) clean apartment. I look forward to having new roommates soon and pray to the forces of the world that I get some girls this time instead of all boys. I am feeling much happier about things, though I still miss Daryl all the time.

It’s off to Uni for this kid on this cold and windy Danish day. We actually had a big snowstorm last night. It’s nice to see the world covered in white once in a while.