Hello my blog reading world:)

I am back from Australia and am currently in a very confused state.  Oh the pains of love.  To stay here (in a cold, dark, rainy Denmark) or give it all up and move to Australia.

Writing that I am shaking my head at myself, I know what I need to do, I know I need to stay here and finish my Masters, its crazy though the feeling that I have to just give it all up and run.  Long Distance is hard.  Being on the absolute other side of the world is harder.  If only I had all the money in the world to fly to see him every other month, but flying to Australia is wicked expensive.  Daryl wont let me do that, and I know deep inside I wont let myself do that, its just this feeling is so overwhelming and the weather and isolating feelings the cold and dark bring here do not help when i’ve just come from a wonderful sunny (25-30 degree) Australia.

A friend told me that its all in my head- which is true, you decide how happy you will be and you create your own struggles.  I know all this, I just still have a hard time accepting the fact that school isn’t what I thought it would be.  I’m just not good with disappointment; especially if I’ve built something up in my head to be the greatest most awesome thing in the world– and then it turns out to be not so great like I thought it would be.  My friend also raised another point, Grad school work & life (or not work in my case) is easier and more freeing then any other time I will have in your life.  After this I will be bound to a 9-5 job which I may or may not like, and all the corporate nonsense that follows.  True, I may not be challenged right now but, writing a 20 page paper is much easier then dealing with corporate life.  He’s right.  Im dreading writing this paper and even more dreading writing this thesis, but hey- in the long run it is much easier and honestly, I’m really good at writing papers.  I just need to get an idea in my head and run with it, instead of sitting around daily pondering why I am here.  I know why I am here, I worked my butt off for a year to get here.  If school isn’t keeping me entertained, heck the exploration I’ve done of the world is.

List of Countries I’ve travelled too while living abroad.

Denmark (All around:)

Sweden (Stockholm and Malmo)

Germany (A small town called Muhlhausen)

Norway (Oslo)

Spain (Madrid)

Morocco (Marrakech)

Australia (Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sydney)

Holland (Amsterdam)

Dubai (stopover)

Singapore (stopover)

Austria (Vienna)
Czech Republic (Prague)

-Wow, I didn’t realize the list was that long.  And to think, there are so many more places that I want to go.  The rest of the countries on my list (for Europe at least) are; Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Iceland, Croatia, Malta & Switzerland.  Totally do-able in this next year I think 🙂

When I move to Australia I want to explore Asia since it will be much more accessible to me over there.  I’ve done a lot of traveling, and at the end of the day, I really am blessed to be enrolled in a grad program that is (relatively) a slice of cake and allows me to actually do what I really wanted to while living over in Europe– Explore :):)

Australia.  I had the pleasure of spending my 25th birthday down under:)  I had a mini quarter life crisis, but then got over it by spending all day at the beach.  But really, it was an amazing day.  Daryl and I spent a long weekend (thursday through tuesday) at Santai Resort.  God I love Groupon!  We got a 5 day package for 400 dollars at a gorgeous resort in Kingscliff.  I’ve never spent any time in a place like this, it was so tranquil!  Just look at the pictures and you will know what I mean.  I spent most days down at the pool, or at the beach.  On Saturday we went to the horse races with Daryl’s firm, which was amazing.  The firm rented out a corporate box providing a 3 course meal and drinks to be had!  I must admit I did place a bet on one horse to win, and I doubled my money!  I only bet a dollar, but I got 2 dollars 20 back.  It was fun cheering on the horses and seeing if i’d won.  Also meeting Daryl’s fellow team of lawyers was an exciting social event.  It was a nice afternoon and of course the weather was gorgeous.  Back at the resort I spent my days longing around.  Monday was my birthday and I was woken up with a wrapped box next to my bedside.  I opened it up and it was a gorgeous Marc Jacobs watch!  I had been dreaming of this watch for a while.  (A Marc Jacobs store just opened up in the airport, and on my break I go and try on all the expensive watches… I guess Daryl caught on, he’s a smart one:)     We then went out to breakfast before we had a morning of snorkelling at a marine reserve on the Tweed Coast.  We were provided with wetsuits and snorkelling equipment and a quick how-to before getting on the small boat.  We then took the boat out to Cook Island, the marine reserve.  Under the Sea!  It was amazing!  I think about 10 minutes in we saw a turtle swimming around in the water, we saw nemo and dory fishes, and loads of other beautiful marine life.  It was a spectacular morning.  Around 11:30 we took the boat back and DOLPHINS swam up beside the boat!  About 15 of them I think, just swimming around and playing with us as we went back.  It was amazing, such a great birthday.  We went out for lunch in Kingscliff since we were starving after the snorkelling.  Then it was back to the resort.  As part of our Groupon package we had two 30 minute massages.  Daryl gave me his 30 minutes so I could have an hour for myself.  I’ve never had a massage before and wow, what a great way to end the day!

Daryl unfortunately had to study most of the time I was there, but made time to spend with me. It was just nice to be with him every night.   My good friend Irina is currently in Australia on a working holiday and I got to spend lots of time with her as she was also on the Gold Coast.  We went to a theme park, and Byron Bay and spent time at Surfer’s Paradise.  It was really a great trip.  I can’t say enough good things about Australia.  I can’t wait to move there (even though I can– hehe)

Well, I think that’s enough for this morning.  Here are some pictures from my trip… enjoy :):)


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