Autumn Season round 2.

The winter weather is here again.  It seems like in Denmark the autumn season is just skipped over and it goes straight from summer to winter.  The days get dark so quickly and I find myself settling in at home before 6 as that is starting to feel late.  Compared to the summer months when the sun would set around 11pm.  Big difference in energy levels here.

Currently I’ve found the time to write this blog as I have come down sick with something.  Not to sure what it is, I just feel zapped of energy.  Usually when I get sick, i’m very sick.  This time however I just feel drained.  Its weird.  I hope it goes away soon because even though I have a somewhat lighter schedule this semester, I can’t afford to be sick.

I can’t believe it’s almost been 2 months since i’ve written last.  The time just seems to pass by so quickly, I know I write that on almost every blog but here it is, October of 2013 and I am just now coming down off the summer vibes.  Summer was amazing.  I fell in love with the summer in Denmark.  I am very much missing those long summer days and nights.

As the cold comes in, I feel myself wanting to slow down and hibernate, but at the same time I am antsy and eager for something new to start.  I think I have mentioned previously that school wasn’t keeping me too entertained.  This semester started off crazy, as I found myself in a Danish only course.  I mean Danish only because it was only being taught in Danish.  Much to my surprise might I add, because I had eagerly looked over all course descriptions online, and chose this one because it looked more practical (instead of sociological & theoretical) and said that it would be taught in Danish if requested.  Well the first day of class I go up to the teacher and let him know that I am the english speaker and the course should be taught in English.  The teacher responds to me in typical (rude) Dansk fashion: “This course will not be taught in English, it will be taught in Danish”.  To which I responded, “the online course description said that if requested it would be taught in Danish”.  The Danish man responded to me, “Well the course description is wrong, this course will only be taught in Danish.”  Well sir, I am sorry that I have intruded on your day, I thought to myself, picked up all my things and promptly left.  I wanted to cry.  This University has once again let me down, I was very excited for school to start and get back into the swing of things, and here I am left with no classes and confusion about the semester.  Exactly what I wanted to be feeling this early in the year.  I went back home, and started looking at the other courses I could sign up for.  All of which I’ve either taken before or taken a similar course too.  In the end I signed up for the course, “Creative and Cultural Industries”.  It’s alright, not the most exciting, I’m trying to teach myself with the books.  Again.  Just not too excited about school and since that is the whole reason why I am here I find it quite frustrating to sit in courses that do not interest me while I could be doing something more valuable with my time.

Which is why I scheduled a much needed City Break and jetted off to Vienna and Prague for 4 days.  I love to travel.  It is the reason I am in Europe.  Both cities are amazing but I think I liked Prague more.  The diversity in the landscape had me in awe.  The whole city is built on a mountain it seems– walking out of your hostel in the morning to gaze out over the city is an amazing feeling.  Thats the only thing Copenhagen is lacking, the diverse scenery.  However I am glad for that, because biking up a mountain might not happen.  Copenhagen is perfect for biking 🙂  Prague is perfect for working out those leg muscles.

A friend and I landed in Vienna on wednesday morning around 10, and after meandering the city for a little while promptly got on a bus to take us the 4 hour ride to the Czech Republic.  We left Austria around 1pm and arrived in Prague around 6pm.  Finding our way to the hostel was easy, we stopped in a tourist office by the bus terminal and picked up a map and a 24 hour public transport ticket.  The lady told us exactly how to get to where we needed too and we were on our way.  The hostel was picturesque.  Situated in an old building by Prague Castle, I felt like I was living in the city for the night.  After dropping off our things we headed out to find dinner.  The original restaurant we wanted to eat at was fully booked for the night, so we walked a little ways up the street and stopped in the next appealing place.  The waitress we had was extremely friendly and we got our food super fast.  I had fried eggs with beans and tortillas and other little goodies.  It was delicious.  and CHEAP!  Compared to the Danish kroner, the Czech Kroner is cheap.  5 dkk is about 17 czk.  I felt like I was saving so much money!  We then went to this amazing nightclub that I had read about on lonely planet.  I felt like I was inside a transformer.  The nightclub, called Cross Club (Pictures here) was an amazing mix between art and music.  What a treat, and with the drink prices super cheap.  Well — It was a nice evening, free entry to this place and a couple of cheap drinks in Prague.  I felt like I was in another world!  Wednesday night must not me a popular evening out, because there were only a handful of people at CrossClub.  Still it was an enjoyable evening.  We made our way back to the hostel around midnight to start our adventure in Prague early the next day.

First stop on our list in the morning was Prague castle and St. Vitus Cathedral.  We made our morning stop at Starbucks (as an employee I feel the need to now stop at Starbucks across the world and see how they do things) and had breakfast and coffee and took in the view.

I quite enjoyed our first stop.  It was off to see the city after that.  We saw the John Lennon Wall, Old Town Square, the Astronomical Clock and the Charles Bridge, and made our way to the Citadel. All which we thought were completely doable in 24 hours.  We made our way back to the hostel to gather our things, and were off to the bus station to catch our 6:00 bus back to Vienna.

We never made that bus, the transport time was longer than expected, and we missed the bus.  Thankfully we were able to get another bus that left at 11:30 that evening.  After frantically calling the hostel we were staying at in Vienna and arranging a very early 5am checkin I felt a little more at ease.  We were so afraid of missing the next bus, and had already seen and done everything we wanted to in Prague that we held up at the nearest Starbucks for warmth and free wifi until the wee hours on the night.  After we got on the bus is was straight onto Vienna and 4 solid hours of sleep.  We found our way to the Vienna hostel and after a very helpful nightguard let us in, we were off to dreamland to finally have a good nights sleep!

Sleeping in until about 10am the next morning was very helpful.  We spend the day explore the grandiose castles in Vienna followed by the many typical touristy things.  The Bustling city square, a ride on the old ferris wheel, and a stop in at the famous ice cream shop (which was delicious by the way).  A fun filled day seeing the sights in Vienna.  Saturday we asked the front desk personnel at the hostel  if there was anything exciting to do, and they suggested we go to the little town of Grizing and look around at the vineyards and quaitness of the smaller towns.  Vienna is situated on the last of the alps and we walked up mountains to get to these vineyards!  It was really beautiful, and we had an amazing view of the city.

Then it was up early Sunday morning to (not) miss our flight back home to Copenhagen!  I had to work later that Sunday so I went straight home and took a nap until it was time to go.  It was a great trip, I was able to get out of Copenhagen, I was beginning to feel a bit antsy here, and also see some cities on my list.   I hope to keep doing these short “City Breaks” as I can leave Copenhagen for 4 days, which is plenty of time to see another place, yet not miss any of my commitments or school here.  My next trip I will be off to Australia for 2 weeks.  I can’t wait to go get some sunshine and see my amazing man 🙂  Other then the spontaneous travel, everything has been quite the same work and school.  Everything is going well here, aside from me now being ill!  Love to you all!