1 year ago.

I can’t believe I didn’t do a one year post on the actual one year date. ¬†Well, actually I can as both my boyfriend and my father were here visiting me in Denmark ūüôā

Where to start? ¬†I don’t even know where to begin. ¬†This last year has been amazing. ¬†I can honestly say i’m the happiest I have ever been in my entire life, and I can thank my move to Denmark for all of that.

Most importantly I’ve met the love of my life here. ¬†Funny since all my friends said this would happen and it did. ¬†Only it wasn’t with a Dane, it was with an Australian. ¬†Could I have fallen in love with a man that is located any farther away, well… no since Australia is literally on the other side of the world. ¬†There isn’t even a direct flight there… it takes 2 days (and it’s really long, but take Emirates, they give you the best service. ¬†Hands down best airline I think, they win the Caitlin award for sure). ¬†Is my happiness equated with falling in love? ¬†Well i’m sure that has something to do with it, but I was happy before the butterflies hit me. ¬†Now I am looking forward to moving countries again, after I finish my Master’s its off across the oceans again to start another journey with Daryl in Australia. ¬† ¬†I can’t wait to bring him home for Christmas to meet all my friends and family, it will honestly be amazing and I can’t wait to share my life with him.

Moving to Denmark was everything I wanted it to be, ¬†I fell in love with the country the minute I stepped foot here in the summer of 2011. ¬†Something about the Danish air just felt right, and I wanted to breathe in so much more of Scandinavia. ¬†Immersing myself in Danish life has been a challenge, it’s helpful that all Danes speak fluent english… yet they are very adamant that you speak Danish. ¬†Which once sounded like a gurgle of a drunken mans mumblings I now latch onto, repeating every word and trying to lock it into memory. ¬†I can speak pretty much fluently at the airport to my customers who speak Danish, and they understand me and we laugh, mostly I laugh when I don’t know what they are saying, I just speak Danish TOO good for my own good sometimes! ¬†I actually find Danish to be quite beautiful, the film¬†En Kongelig Aff√¶re (A Royal Affair) made me think twice about the Danish language. ¬†It was also the Danish candidate for the Oscars, so if you haven’t seen it, its quite an interesting telling of a little of Danish history.

I don’t know why the Danes are the happiest people in the world, I haven’t quite figured out the exact reasons why, I just know they are, and it has rubbed off on me. ¬†I said this before, but I am honestly the happiest I have ever been here; I have experienced tremendous personal growth over the course of this past year, growing in ways I didn’t even think possible and can’t even explain. ¬†I just know i’m different. ¬†I feel different. ¬†I feel alive. ¬†Maybe it’s my travels and the continents i’ve seen. ¬†Maybe its the people i’ve met and shared stories with, while listening intently to them telling me their own. ¬†Maybe its the struggle i’ve faced with my home being broken into and things ripped away from me. ¬†Perhaps the excitement and frustrations of looking and finally gaining part time work here in Denmark and the hectic pace of the airport. ¬†Maybe its being truly alone for the first time in my life and learning to rely on myself when your lifelines are no longer a phone call away and are miles across oceans. ¬†Possibly it was meeting a whole new group of international friends who have now moved on home back to their countries, yet still keep in touch with you and share their days with you. ¬†Perhaps its not one single thing, but the course of events this past year that have shaped my life into what I now see today, and what I will see tomorrow and in months to come.

I think most importantly is that I am able to share this all with you, and hope that you aspire to be something greater, to experience the world in batshit scary way. ¬†Giving everything up and moving to a different country is not easy. ¬†It was probably the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. ¬†The struggles leading up to my move to Denmark were enough to make me want to quit every time, yet I kept pursuing. ¬†When my loans didn’t come through, I was told I received a full scholarship. ¬†When I had no place to live, 2 months before I moved I was offered accommodation. ¬†I truly believe I was supposed to end up in Denmark. ¬†This is the country for me, and I hope to one day live here again after I finish my life here in a years time. ¬†Denmark is one of those countries that is just special. ¬†It feels like a magical spell that i’ve been under, and through my realization that i’ve lived here a year now I finally have taken a step back and looked at my life and all that it has brought me. ¬†And it’s wonderful. ¬†It’s amazing. ¬†I couldn’t ask for more, and I won’t ask for more. ¬†I have everything i’ve ever wanted and I am so grateful.
Jeg Elsker Dig, Danmark. ¬†and I always will ūüôā