Summer is here

It’s almost been a year since i’ve come to Denmark!  This time last year I was in full swing with preparing to move and start my new life abroad!  I can’t believe how much I have changed in this past year, how much i’ve grown and the experiences i’ve gone through– its just amazing what i’ve been through and who I have become.

I miss Daryl like always, but we skype often and have trips planned to see each other — I think constant communication is a must for long distance– it might kill a regular relationship (ive heard you have to do your own thing and live your own life when you are together) but I can never get enough skype time– and we do have pretty separate lives– but it gives us something to chat about every day and I so do dearly look forward to the time I get to spend with him online– and I look forward to the time when I will see him again… he comes next month in July.  So excited 🙂  European Summer baby!

I’m at Starbucks full time now, which is amazing because I am making so many kroners!  I really lucked out with the Starbucks job… I have come to be a coffee brat and really enjoy learning all the different things about coffee… the time espresso shots should be pulled at, how to properly steam milk, latte art, how the beans are roasted and where they come from– just every aspect of it… it’s great… and its challenging… I now do most of my customer interactions in Danish, and I am pretty proud of myself for that… I really know my numbers now and I am very proud!  I still plan on signing up for Danish classes at some point, but it keeps moving to the bottom of my to do list!  Why do things always do that!  I’m applying for a new position, the coffee master position, to learn more about all things coffee… i’m pretty excited about it:)  You know how I am just a nerd and love learning new things!  But its good to take on new challenges!

Speaking of new challenges i’ve started back at the gym, and I am trying to get my diet back on track.  I think thats why I’ve been so tired all the time and I am sick of it… I want to make sure I am feeding my body with enough nutrients to support my busy lifestyle.  I’m making all my meals and taking lunch to work (instead of eating the fast food that we get) and i’ve cut out all bread and allow some beans, brown rice, or quinoa as a base.  Lots and Lots of fruits and veggies, and its summer now so they are all in season!  I made some delicious sweet potatoes tonight, I can’t wait to have them for lunch tomorrow 🙂   I’ve been trying to get my diet and life back on track after the stress i’ve put it through with traveling and the stress of exams… summer is the time for balance and even though I am working full time and going to the gym and living actively, I still feel the need to be healthy.  The doctor gave me a friendly reminder of how important it is to work out, and I think that was the little push I needed.  I go in this week for some x-rays and a bone density scan to make sure my joints are healthy and strong, which they should be, but it doesn’t hurt to keep my body in shape and staying strong now!

Dad is coming this summer also, which I am very much looking forward too… Daryl and him will get to meet which is exciting and scary, but mostly exciting!  I hope Dad likes the country I’ve called home for the past year!  I’ve fallen in love with it and I hope he does too!  I’m even going to try to get him on a bike and really be Danish 🙂  We will see how he competes with the Danes!

We shall see how this summer goes, with everyone leaving I am kinda glad i’ve got work to keep me busy busy and occupied.  I can’t wait til my visitors get here and see their reaction to Danish summer 🙂

Only Love– with a hope to write and update more