Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Caitlin here.  Currently drinking an Iced Latte while sitting beneath the trees and sunshine of Australia.

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Currently posting from the land of Oz!  Hence the yellow brick road reference.  If you do not know, Oz is another name for the land down under, which is another name for Australia.  I got here 3 days ago. Sunday March 17th.  I left cold Copenhagen on Friday March 15th.  That’s right, it’s a 2 day flight.  2 days.  thats no joke kids.  After jetting from Copenhagen to Dubai and my first 3 hour layover in Dubai, I had to wait on the plane for 2 extra hours due to heavy fog.  I thought GPS fixed all that nonsense.  Waiting on a plane for an extra 2 hours of an already 7 hour flight turning the journey  into a 9 hour one was rough.  But it wasn’t even halfway over yet.  From Dubai I stopped in Singapore while the plane was re-fuelled and cleaned.  Then it was off on my final leg of the journey.  The final 7 hour flight from Singapore to Brisbane where the 2 day journey would finally end.


I knew Australia was on the other side of the world, but JEEZ!  It really is on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD!  I don’t think i’ve ever been in this hemisphere before.  What brings me all the way over here to the depths of the outback?  Well Sun & Sand for one.  I’d like to say it wasn’t a boy that caught my interest who happened to live over here in the land of Oz.  I’d like to say that too, but nope.  Daryl lives on the Gold Coast (about an hour’s drive from Brisbane).  which is where I currently am for the next 3 weeks.  Heck yes Spring Break and time with my love:)

Long Distance is hard okay.  and being the selfish person I am, I decided to take a much needed break from the cold & dreary Copenhagen and jetset to the sun and surf down under.  It’s been amazing and it’s only been 3 days.

Sunday was rough.  And I mean rough.  Talk about jetlag  I had no idea what day or time it was, let alone time zone.  Its a  +9hour time difference from Copenhagen, and a +14  hour difference from Virginia.  If that puts Australia on the map for you.  Getting into the airport, through boarder patrol and visa check (don’t worry, I made sure I had all my visas this time… no risk of getting deported again) I finally made it out around 4am.

Daryl was waiting for me with sunflowers, my favorite candy (kitkats) and a homemade sandwich.  yaum.  He really knows me.  Feed me with sweets and sandwich’s right off the plane and I turn into a much less cranky person.  Although once I stepped foot off the plane all my tiredness was replaced with excitement as I hadn’t seen Daryl in a month and a half.  First thing that’s different here.  They drive on the opposite side.  Which I will never ever get used to.  Thank goodness Daryl was paying attention to where I was walking or I would have run into a car.  Secondly.  the accents.  I’ve been saying Heaps of Nicole Kidman for the past 3 days.– turns out Nicole Kidman is really fun to say in an Australian Accent and it’s the only thing I can really pronounce, so there you go.  My Aussie accent.  I mean I get that im in Oz but I just LOVE the accents 🙂  Third.  The sun.  it’s a little rough since the hole in that good old ozone layer is placed directly above Australia, making it the country with the highest skin cancer rates, YET I’m obsessed.  I can’t get enough of that good old Vitamin D.  I’m actually wearing shorts and tank tops.  SO different from Copenhagen where they are currently going through the worst snow storm of the year, and -15 degree temperatures.  (by the way its +28 here).  I’d rather have some sunburned skin than try to bike in THAT weather! 4th.  It’s weird seeing English everywhere again.  It actually reminds me a lot of America.  Signs and products are much similar, and I can actually understand everything instead of guessing what food im buying and enjoying the surprise when I realize it’s not anything that I thought I’d actually ordered.  I don’t hear Danish anymore, which I actually miss.  I miss the gurgle of the Danish language!  5th.  THE BEACH!  Daryl practically lives on the beach and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to walk barefoot in the sand while listening to the crashing of the waves and watching surfers in the distance.  We did the whole romantic boardwalk hand in hand ice cream eating lazy day on Monday which was just what I needed to help get rid of my jetlag.  Such a relaxing afternoon!

I think this place is heaven.  We’re driving down to Sydney on Saturday and stopping at the little beach towns along the coast.  Camping out along the coast is going to be wonderful, especially in this wonderfully warm weather.  I can’t wait to see Sydney!  I get to finally see where Nemo ended up in the movie!  (don’t ask me why, but ever since i’ve seen Finding Nemo the only reason I wanted to see Sydney Harbor was to see where Nemo ended up!!)  haha!
Today Daryl and I are going hiking through the rainforest, yes there is a rainforest in Australia.  Actually, they have some beautiful hiking trails and rustic places.  I can’t wait to see the scenery.  Tomorrow I think we are going to the Zoo so I can see a Kangaroo and hold a Koala Bear!  I GET TO SEE A KANGAROO!  I’m so excited:)

Currently Daryl is participating in a practice trial.  Also known as a Moot.  Being the good student I am I decided to take this time to blog.  (Hey I worked on my readings yesterday, and I’m on holiday).

But I think I’ll shut the computer and lay out in this wonderful sun for a while.

Seriously Australia is amazing.
The world needs to stop getting smaller because i’m falling in love with every place I go.


tata for now!

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