It sure has been a while

Wow.  it’s been a while.  So much has been going on in my life I don’t even know where to start.  I guess i’ll just start from the beginning.

Going the Distance 

I just hit the 6 month mark for living in Copenhagen– January 26th was the official day!   If you asked me 6 months ago what I thought my life would be like today I would have had a completely different image in my mind of what my life would be like.  A whirlwind doesn’t even begin to explain these past 6 months.

Weighing heavy on my mind currently is the fact that my boyfriend Daryl (yes I have a boyfriend) has moved back home.  He is currently interning at a law firm in Singapore and I’m trying very hard to get used to the long distance and the new time zone (he’s +7 hours ahead in singapore, and will be +9 hours away in Australia).

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If you know me, which if you read this blog you probably do, a relationship was the last thing I ever saw myself being in, yet alone giving most of my time to.  However I seem to have fallen hard for this Aussie and here I am trying to figure out how to do the whole long-distance thing.  Let me just say Skype is a miracle and I am so glad I have an iPhone now along with with Daryl and iMessage is a savior.  and facebook,  Long live facebook.  🙂

I’ll backtrack a bit to where I last blogged– i’ll try to do things chronologically but there is a lot I have to catch you guys up on!

Christmas in Germany 

I spent Christmas in Germany with my friend Stef’s family.  They warmly welcomed me in for a week and even got me presents!  (lots of kinder chocolate and a hair straightener) I got to meet her entire family and spent the week eating delicious food (I tried schnitzel and other delicious cakes and treats).  It was really wonderful and also my first time in Germany.  Getting there was a little interesting, I took the train to Hamburg where I had a connecting train, however because of a snowstorm in Copenhagen the trains were delayed by 30 minutes, which resulted in my train getting into Hamburg late and me spending a night in the hotel across the road on the train stations’ dollar.  Stef was still able to pick me up early the next day (as I caught the train at 4:30 in the morning) and I made it to Germany A-OK!  The one major difference is that in Germany, and actually most of Europe, they celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve.  A little different but on Christmas we ate all day and I was perfectly okay with that.  We drove back from Germany to Copenhagen and I got to experience the Autobahn first hand!  At one point we were driving at 250 KM/H!  SUPER FAST (in MPH thats around 150).  It was nice being in a car again, and I enjoyed the drive on the Autobahn.

DSC_1518 DSC_1514


I got a new macbook air and also a new iPhone.  I’m running all apple now and I can say it’s amazing.  The MacBook is so much lighter in my backpack and really saves my back as i’m biking to class and everywhere across the city.  My iPhone is great because it is so much easier to keep in contact with friends and family back home along with all my other special someones from all over the world.  I spent about 500 more dollars on my MacBook than I would in the states because of the high VAT tax here which I was not so happy about, but I do applaud the Danish system when it comes to cell phone contracts.  They are only 6 month contracts and I get to change my contract every 6 months.  Also, my phone is not tied to my contract.  I got to choose how long I wanted to make payments on my iPhone and I am allowed to pay it off over 18months, and change my contract again in 6 months if I want to.  So much easier than dealing with Verizon back home.  Also, I pay about 50 bucks a month for my contract.  Which is pretty good since I get 10 GB of data, phone insurance and free premium Spotify.  I am very happy with it and the system here.


Starbucks is going great.  I love working for this company and I love working in the Copenhagen Airport.  I think it’s also helping with my Danish because I can understand orders that come in when spoken in Danish.  Yes it’s usually just a latte and lille mellem or stor (small medium large) but its enough for me to understand and the more Danish I hear the easier it is to actually hear the pronunciation and how the words are really spoken!  Sometimes, by the older generations I am treated poorly because I do not know Danish, but they just start yelling at me in Danish and I just brush it off since I can’t understand it.  I just grab my manager and I point to the screaming Dane and say, I think they are upset, and they straighten it out –side note– its really quite interesting to hear the Danes argue with one another… I’m beginning to like this language:)   Other than the occasional angry elder Dane, most people don’t mind speaking English and are more than happy to make the language switch for me.

In an emergency …

An interesting thing I discovered in Denmark is that the hospitals aren’t open 24 hours a day, every day.  Emergency rooms DO close and they will turn you away.  How did I stumble upon this fact?  After I came home one evening from Starbucks I started cleaning my room and proceeded to slice my thumb open on the broken mirror in my room (that I had broken one night and stupidly kept because I’m too cheap to buy another mirror).  My finger started spurting blood everywhere and I started screaming to my roommates “WHAT DO I DO”– I thought I had cut my finger off the way it was bleeding.  My roommates helped me run my finger under some water to see how deep it actually was and after that it was decided that I should probably go to the hospital to get stitches.  Daryl and I walked hurriedly to the metro station to find our way to the hospital, but since the metro runs every 20 minutes or so late at night, we took a cab.  As I get to the emergency room I run up to the doors only to find them closed and locked.  Confused, as it was an emergency room and I assumed it would be open, I stood there perplexed as I watched a nurse walk by.  She came outside and told me that it was closed.  I tried to calmly explain to her (which was probably me yelling) that I deeply cut my finger and needed stitches.  She explained to me that only one hospital in Copenhagen is open 24 hours and it was about 15 minutes away.  Daryl and I jumped back in the cab–this was beginning to be an expensive trip!– and were on our way to the next hospital.  Upon arrival I was quickly taken in, showed them my finger and they told me to wait for my name to be called.  I was called in an hour later (which turned out to be almost 3 hours later for me because me and Daryl were both so tired we fell asleep in the waiting room) and the nurse quickly stitched me up.  3 stitches on my thumb!

OUCH ouch2

I have so much more to say but evening priorities are calling my name!  More to post later!!