I am so glad I joined the Copenhagen Goodwill Youth Ambassador Program.  I can tell I am going to have a great network in a years time, and I already have met amazing students and faculty members here at KU. 


The Youth Ambassador Corps held a national conference where the youth ambassadors from Aarhus and Aalborg (other cities in Denmark) joined us in Copenhagen to present our ideas on how to best brand our city.  We met in the DanishDesignCenter, which has a very unique space for conference’s and large meetings.  We were given this task about 2 weeks prior; Invent a way to best brand your city using 3 of Denmark’s branding themes (green, innovative and balanced).  This weekend we got to show off our projects that we worked tirelessly on.  We got 2nd place!  We decided to brand our city through the various architecture and design found here in Copenhagen, marketing specifically to architecture and design students, as we want to attract and keep the best and brightest students here.  Just a quick blurb about that, 8 presentations were selected to be presented on Saturday, and out of the 8 our group placed 2nd!  Very nice that we received 2nd place and very exciting.  The day was full of things to do!


Another awesome plus of being a part of the goodwill corps, the humanities students were invited to have lunch with the University, including the University Director of International Office, the Director of Alumni Affairs and the Director of Mentor program.  We were treated to a delicious Danish style lunch, lots of cabbage and potatoes and then they gave a short presentation about some of the events and activities and programs the university is currently doing, or wants to start doing in the next couple of months.  What’s cool is that they want to use us for ideas and to help jumpstart all the programs!  It’s really nice to be involved with the University and recognized also for what you’re involved in outside of the University. 


I started at Starbucks a couple Friday’s ago and training is going awesome! I really working in the airport and I actually don’t mind getting up at 3:00 in the morning to make it to work.  My coworkers are amazing, and they are all Swedish!  (obviously except for me) I think I will catch on pretty quickly; the first 3 days of training went really well… I have to learn to make latte art and every type of coffee perfectly, but I can do it… plus I get free coffee and a 10% discount at the stores in the airport!  (Victoria’s Secret, here I come!!)


It’s Christmas season here in Denmark, the Christmas markets are out in full force, and everywhere you turn the city is spectacularly lit up in lights and colors.  I really quite like it actually.


Again, sorry haven’t posted in a while… exam time & crunch time now!  Happy December!