Life through Copenhagen eyes

There has been so much going on lately I have NOT been able to keep up with my blog! I have a running list of, well probably about 4 or 5 things I mean to write about now, phew I just need to sit down and write it– I know you wait anxiously for my blog posts Grandma and Papa! I love that you look at it everyday:) I always feel a little hug at some point during my day, it must be when you guys check on my blog to see if i’ve updated, and you’re thinking of me:)

Anyway, I have a full house of roommates now! A physics student from Spain. He is actually from Basque Country, which is a autonomous community in northern Spain, they even have there own language! He is very interesting and we share a similar schedule so I always have interesting breakfast conversations! He is learning to play the guitar and it’s nice to hear some live music around the house! Patricia (the roommate who moved in first) is also from Spain, so it’s nice that the two Spaniards share a bathroom…

Side note, Patricia made this DELICIOUS treat for me the other day! Have you ever heard of Torrijas? It is kindof like French Toast, but SO much better! It consists of a slice of bread that is soaked in milk and it is then dipped in egg and fried in a skillet with oil , and then finally it is flavored with deliciousness: cinnamon brown sugar, powdered sugar or sweetened with honey! Delicious! Benat has made me delicious food as well, a Spanish omelette, which is just fried potatoes and eggs– similarly delicious though!

As you can see i’m eating well. I wonder if that’s how cultures mesh, over food. Wait, with the Thanksgiving season approaching it all makes sense. Different cultures bond over food. We each bring a dish, and once we realize that we all (for the most part) eat the same things (and not bugs or scorpions for example) we put our differences aside and enjoy a delicious meal! I love how it is like Thanksgiving every day in my house:)

My fourth and final roommate that I miraculously received is a Polish girl who’s name is Sylvia. She is studying pharmaceutical sciences at KU also. She is gluten free, so I am hoping she will help get me back on track with my healthy diet. I eat so many potatoes and cheese here, it’s ridiculous. Anyway, the first thing I said to her was that my Grandfather is Polish and how I loved his Pierogies, and now I am going to learn how to make proper pierogies! She is home on vacation now for 2 weeks, but she is bringing back all the traditional Polish ingredients that are required for a delicious feast, and we will be feasting:)

Speaking of feasts– Thanksgiving is coming up! I am hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at my house and I’ve invited both my American and non American friends:) It’s going to be awesome! Mom sent me proper cornmeal (since there isn’t any to be found in Danmark) so I can make delicious cornbread, we are going to have sweet potatoes and green bean casserole, pecan & pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, stuffing… you know the usual grandness of Thanksgiving. I also told my roommates to bring something from their country, so we shall see what deliciousness ends up on our table! I am very excited, but sad at the same time because this will be my first Thanksgiving away from home. It’s kindof weird, growing up and moving away and starting your own life. The world seems so much smaller these days, yet at the same time i’m millions of miles away from home. I will be skyping with the family, but it won’t be the same. Such is life!

The Youth Ambassador Corps is going extremely well, in fact our presentation was selected as one of the 6 for the YAC Conference this weekend, and we are competing with Aarhus anfd Aalborg to see who comes out on top! Very exciting. Our project was to best brand the city, using Copenhagens top 3 branding words. Green, Innovative and Balanced. We chose to create a competition to draw in architecture and design students from around the world to come live, study work and hopefully permanently relocate here. We are attracting these students by our top prize, an internship with one of the top architecture and design firms here in Copenhagen (and boy are there a lot of them). If you want to check out our presentation, here is the link to the prezi we created, it wont make much sense because it’s basically just pictures, but there are screen shots of the social networking websites we’ve created as marketing tools.

Our group worked very hard on this project, and we had a blast exploring Copenhagen’s architecture and design while doing it!

I had my first taste of the Danish Judicial system last Friday, which turned out to be me standing in an empty courtroom. I have to testify against the thief from back in August. However they couldn’t find him and he didn’t show, so they couldn’t hold trial. Funny way I found out about this though, A friend and I were cycling through the city and we were pulled over for not having proper bike lights. ( i had them, my friend did not) They checked both of our CPR cards, and when it came for me to get mine back– after I watched the police chat on the phone and scramble around on the computer for about 10 minutes– they informed me I had a warrant out for my arrest. Um?! Excuse me?! I had a slight panic attack thinking that I was going to be deported, and when I calmed down about 2 minutes later and had time to chat with the police about what exactly the problem was, I was informed that the police had been trying to serve me papers however couldn’t find me (which, they have ALL my information, don’t know why it was so hard to find me). Which resulted in yet another trip to the police station to receive my papers. Also, it’s just Slightly awkward explaining that there may or may not be a warrant out for you and you don’t know why you need to come in to the station but you were told to come today… my never ending crazy Danish life. haha

I will have another court date in December sometime, and I hope this guy shows up.

But I digress,
Other than that, SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL! I am loving the research I am doing, which makes it okay that I pull all nighters almost 3 days a week researching about media. I really do love grad. school. I am so glad I came back:) The stress is worth it.! The department of Media, Cognition and Communication is also creating a journal this year, and is looking for submissions, which I will be submitting each and everyone of my research papers too! I hope they publish all of them, because then I will have 3 newly published works and 1 that is published twice! Keep your fingers crossed!

I could say loads more but I have a group meeting i’ve got to get to, and papers that need writing! I love you all and I will try and update again soon!

Peace and love:)