Chinese Moon Cake

My friend Carol came up to get her wine glasses she let me borrow, and brought me a wonderful gift from China!  I was so pleasantly surprised!  What I received tonight was a cake, not just any cake however.  This cake comes in a small box, a colorful little box, glazed in shiny metallic red and luscious swirling gold, imprinted with the label of Moon Cake in a font so boldly screaming deliciousness.

Upon opening the box, you pull out a cake with Chinese writing on the little cake.  It tells the ingredients in the cake, mine come to find out was egg yolk.  The cake itself was very thick, about 2 inches.  I’ve taken a picture so you can see the yummyness 🙂

This cake is eaten only during the month of October in honor of the moon festival.  It is also known as the mid-autumn festival.
Side Note- this is why I love living here.  I get to experience this amazing cultural experience, and it’s not just from the Danes.  I just learned about a very amazing festival, and I might have to make the trip to Bejing next year to go experience the mid-autumn festival and see what this celebration (which is one of the four most important Chinese festivals).  I think the importance with all the equinoxes is very fascinating.  The solstice is another interest.  Anyway, cool festival… google it & learn something new 🙂

This mooncake had egg in the middle and was also made from red bean paste.  It tasted almost like a fudge and Carol was right, it is EXTREMELY sweet so you don’t have to eat much!  Haha Good for sharing !
Had to post a blurb!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE: )


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