A Tivoli Halloween … a blog in pictures

From a Newspaper Article I found on Halloween at Tivoli:

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — One of the only things Copenhagen is lacking is a good fall season. It was warm and sunny for a few days when I got here, and then suddenly it was cold. But my friends and I got our fall fix at Tivoli, Copenhagen’s famous amusement park.

We enjoyed the Halloween decora- tions, hot cider, haystacks and pumpkin patches. One of my favorite things about Denmark is the country’s use of lighting — it is so dark in Scandinavia that the people have to make good use of light. Shops, restaurants, streets, bars and cafes are full of candles or little lights that create a wonderfully cozy atmosphere.Tivoli is no exception.The pathways were lined with hanging pumpkin lanterns, the rides and structures were all dotted with little bulbs and there were numerous small houses selling cider, apples, caramels and other fall treats.

Halloween is less prominent and less commercialized than it is in the United States. Kids do not go trick-or-treating, and there is not much Halloween hype in the shops or local businesses. Tivoli is the only part of Copenhagen that seems to be in the Halloween spirit, but there is enough of it there to make up for the rest of the city.


Link: http://elonpendulum.com/2012/10/amusement-park-brings-halloween-spirit-to-denmark/



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