My new favorite thing in Copenhagen is the folkekøkken or soup kitchens… yes that’s right, soup kitchens!  These are not your usual soup kitchens, but are ‘activist soup kitchens’ or the people’s kitchen; started as a part of community networking and to help strengthen the community in the area.  The concept behind the creation of the kitchen is right up my alley.  Each day of the week at a different location you can get a delicious meal (usually vegan or vegetarian, sometimes meat is 5 kroner extra) for 20 kroners.  All the food is provided from local restaurants, greengrocers and bakeries… essentially ‘dumpster diving’ these locations generously donate their leftovers from the day to the various people’s kitchens throughout Copenhagen.  Anyone who volunteers to help pick up the food, prepare the food, or stay after to help clean gets a free meal and everyone else donates 20 kroner which goes straight to paying rent for the café.  At Kafe-X everyone is also required to clean up their own plate; which I happily did after the delicious meal I enjoyed.  You would think leftovers would equate to eh/okay/questionable food.  You are wrong.  This is not your average plate of food, you pile up on deliciousness!  I had the pleasure of eating lentil curry over rice, with a plethora of fresh greens and homemade dressings, with bread and lentil and apple spread.  Also served was tea and coffee.  If you have 20 kroners in your pocket in Copenhagen, you might as well drop it on the street, as it won’t buy you ANYTHIHNG… well maybe a side of ketchup but honestly 20 kroners won’t get you far.  I was very surprised by the spread at Kafe-X.  

 As I mentioned briefly earlier, folkekøkken goes on throughout the week in various locations.  Tuesday is at Kafa-X which is a declared feminist and anti-fascist café and has been open in Nørrebro since 1993.  Kafa-X also operates as a weekly meeting place for a number of projects on the extra-parliamentary left.

 Wednesday you dine at Støberiet and the atmosphere surrounding this people’s kitchen is ‘community needs care’.  Støberiet was established after the shooting incidents in Blågårdsgade in 2009 to show the community that they shouldn’t be afraid to stay in Nørrebro. 

 Thursday find yourself at Dortheavej dining on ​​one hundred percent vegan cuisine which is usually all organic.  Found on the website, “Everyone in the house is not vegan, but all should be able to eat with. And when vegan food is a fully viable alternative to food with dairy products or meat, so we see no reason to put them in – on the contrary. The production of meat and dairy products deplete the soil far more violent than the production of vegan food. In addition, there is an ethical problem in production, where living creatures are treated as a material or production machine”.  If you would like to participate in cooking, you can show up at early and the food is free. Otherwise it costs a whopping 20 kroner. 

 Friday you can stumble in to Café N which is a regular café during the day, and turns into a people’s kitchen every Friday night.  It is also a vegetarian café where you can buy a delicious meal for 25 kroner

 In keeping with the Danish tradition of brunch on Sunday, at the Folkets Hus you can find a delicious vegetarian and vegan selection of brunch food. 

Folkekøkken! Folkekøkken! Folkekøkken!  My new favorite thing 🙂


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