My Danish Life

It’s been a busy blustery start to October here in Copenhagen.  It’s practically winter here now, and Mother Nature seems to have skipped right over autumn.  Currently it is 8 degrees Celsius (which is about 46 fahrenheit).  Brrrr it sure is cold here in Scandinavia.  As you can see from the map however, I am way up in the northern parts of this world… it only makes sense that it would get cold this quick!


School is keeping me quite busy, and I’m starting to feel the pressures of graduate school work.  I think I’m stressing myself out more then I need to though because I don’t quite understand the Danish education structure.  In terms of work there isn’t much besides weekly readings.  Our one and ONLY grade is based off of a paper ranging anywhere from 10-25 pages that we have to turn in at the end of the semester.  I like the way my media organizations and institutions class is structured, I chose ‘Exam form A’ which requires writing 3 smaller papers throughout the semester and then a 10 page paper at the end on the organization or institution of our choice.  I think I am going to write about my favorite topic, Hollywood Hegemony.  It’s provocative and I know I can find information on this topic.  For my Audience and User studies class we have to create a study and then write a 10 page paper on our research and then orally defend it.  We also have to combine a list of 600 pages of relevant readings linked to our research.  I chose to do a study on audience perceptions of culture when viewing ‘international film’.  My third and final exam is going to be the hardest, as my professor has broken his leg and hasn’t been to many classes I feel very lost in regards to what I am supposed to be doing for this class.  My final paper for this class has to be 20-25 pages, and I have no idea what topic I’m supposed to be researching/writing about.  Slightly stressful only because the American style of education and learning has been beaten into my head for the past 2 decades or so.  I am used to weekly assignments, tests, quizzes, projects, groupwork, you name it… Here in Copenhagen you have about 600 pages of reading you have to finish throughout the semester (ranging from articles to chapters from texts) and then one final paper you write at the end.  I think my brain is going crazy from the lack of ‘structure’.  I have too much free time!

I am working on filling that free time with activities however, as I am far out of vacation mode.  I joined a gym to work off all those croissants I have been munching on since I’ve been here and also joined the Copenhagen Youth Ambassador Corps which is a network of international students that help promote Copenhagen as an attractive environment to study, work and live in.  It seems interesting not only from a networking standpoint, but also to meet like minded students here in Copenhagen.

I went to Malmö last Friday and thoroughly enjoyed my first taste of Sweden.  Malmö is a 20 minute train ride across the sound (which is just a fancy term for crossing the ØresundBridge, which connects the North Sea with the Baltic Sea).  I went with a friend who showed me the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants and also an all organic/vegan/vegetarian/gluten free grocery store.  I stocked up on vegan cheese, soy butter and plenty of other healthy vegan snacks and sides.  It blows my mind that it is so hard to find vegan alternatives in Copenhagen and then BAM they are out in full force 20 minutes away in Sweden.  Also, the Swedish krone is about 20% cheaper then the Danish krone, so I technically saved some kroner’s shopping in Malmö.  Even though it was a rainy dreary day, I managed to get some great shots of where we went exploring.

Fall break is coming up next week (October 14-20) and a friend and I are going to Stockholm for 4 days.  I’m very excited to explore more of Europe!

Enjoy the Malmö pictures:)


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