Simple Song

I’ve moved back into my old place!  (Finally).  It’s nice being back in a kollegium and around other students.  Families are nice, but honestly I would rather hear the shouts and screams of some happy 20 year old than a screaming crying baby.  A kollegium is a much better environment.  Hopefully I will soon be getting new roommates and then the apartment won’t feel so lonely and echo all the time.  It has been nice having my own space; it will be a little weird when I have to start sharing again.  New roommates means a trip to ikea though… and I sure do LOVE ikeaJ

 It’s kinda funny.  I swear the Janitor’s (basically like the RA’s of our building—except they are in no way shape or form RA’s – more like glorified babysitters who fix our elevators, listen to our complaints and move us to different apartments when our roommate turns out to be a giant—well—you know) I swear they all huddled together before I moved back in and asked the question, ‘how can we make this up to her…?  I know!  Let’s re-do her apartment!  What American girl doesn’t love new floors!’  oh Lasse, Bent and Anders… let me describe them as best as I can for you.  Last Wednesday I met with them at their office and they told me that I would be moving back!  Bent took the stage and said, ‘now we’ve decided to re-do the entire apartment so you are getting new floors, painters and coming, and they are cleaning everything as well’ Lasse hurriedly stood up and ran across the room to get the book of floor swatches to show me which ones I would be getting, all the time making comments to Bent and Anders like, ‘I’m sure glad we didn’t tell her about the ghost at her old place’ and then turning to me with a smile.  Lasse loves to joke around.  Anders proceeds to come over and stand with his arms crossed being a typical quiet Dane and Bent proceeds to shows me the floor they have picked out.  Lasse pipes in, ‘well I would have picked an uglier color… more along the lines of puke yellow’.  Nice Lasse.  And then they all look up to me smiling, almost as if to get my approval… which is funny because I had no say in this situation.  I just get a new cleaner apartment 2.0!  ScoreJ  But in all honestly, this place needed to be re-done.  It was disgusting.  When mom and I first arrived we spent probably over 5 hours cleaning the place and when Mads finally moved out he left it a complete mess—and took all the dishes (which explains the need for a trip to ikea).  They’ve been doing construction on it all week.  I prefer the hardwood… but my room still has the hardwood floor, the new floor is a vinyl type grayish blue. 

All moved in and so happy about it!  Onto what’s new in my life.  Which isn’t much.  School takes up most of my days.  I spend the days I have class (which is only Monday, Tuesday and Thursday… or in Danish Mandag, Tirsdag and Torsdag) at the library and on campus.  I work a lot better in the library, plus it gets me out of the house and on my bicycle so I can be active.  I enjoy school.  There is a LOT of reading but honestly everything is so interesting I don’t mind it.  I’ve made some friends from classes and we go to the Student Film House (Husets Biograf) every Wednesday night to watch some interesting films for a cheap price.  30 kroner for one 40 for both.  Tonight’s theme is back to school and we are watching two movies on different schooling systems (I think one is about gypsy children and the other is about an innovative teacher from France).  It’s nice to go with other media majors, because we grab coffee after and discuss the films.  We are all such nerds! 

Even though the summer has come to a close and the weather is screaming autumn (and the Danish autumn is not what I am used to… pretty much it is gray every day.  And it rains constantly.  I saw the sun for about 5 minutes yesterday and honestly that was it) there are still things to do in Copenhagen.  Not the overwhelming amount that plagues the city during the summer, but it seems there is always an interesting art or music show to go too, and of course the museums always have rotating exhibits to keep it fresh.  I’m glad there isn’t SO much to do, because then I would feel like I was missing out because I am always studying.  It’s a good mix Copenhagen… you’ve got it down! 

But the cold already I wish would stay away a little longer.  Currently it is 13 C and it got down to 9 C the other night!  BR! 

 Off to Christiania today.  They are celebrating there 41 year anniversary with live music and fun and hygge – it will be a nice way to get out of this rainy weather



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