My Racing Thoughts

I made crepes tonight.  Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Blueberry and Strawberry.  All delicious crepes sitting in my fridge to much on for the week… my little campus treat to myself.  I think they actually turned out okay… surprisingly this whole cooking this isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I actually like cooking for myself!  Honestly I think it’s because I actually have the time to cook proper meals for myself now that I find joy in cooking up something yummy.  Before, when I was go-go-go every minute of the day, it was what was quick, healthy and fast and out the door.  Now I get to plan out my meals, shop for the ingredients and come home and whip up something delicious!  Also, I plan to learn Copenhagen by where the grocery stores are—HA!  But seriously, it’s a good way to find out what prices are, if every place is pretty much comparable and a good way to get to know different parts of the city.  Like I said… I enjoy getting lost on my bike here.  It’s wonderful to end up down at the beach, or in a forest, or right smack dab in the middle of the city with a giant Castle hovering over your right shoulder… the wonders of Copenhagen.  The other night some residents of Signalhuset and I went down to the forest and had a bonfire that I found out lasted until 11pm.  I left around 9 when it got dark.  I didn’t realize how much I actually missed a good bonfire.  Another thing I missed was the fact that smores aren’t included on the regular during bonfire’s… Mom’s sending me some though so hopefully I’ll get my package soon!  Then I can have a proper bonfire and everyone can actually understand my crazed need for smores.

It’s getting cold here in Copenhagen.   The weather is turning.  It’s crazy how the city reflects the changing season… everything is slowing down.  Even though I’ve only lived here for –oh- a month and a half now, I notice the streets freeing up again without as many tourists crowding them.  The kids are back in school and the family’s are back from vacation.  I myself am back in school and life is taking a more structured pace of daily routine and academics.  Autumn is in full swing and with it brings many a change.

I find myself with the strongest desire for a job.  Not just because if I don’t have an income soon I’ll be back in the states in a year, but because I miss routine.  I feel like I’m on a long vacation.  I get up a little later then what I’m used too, have lazy mornings checking and sending emails, cycle at a relaxed pace and meet my study groups and work on my academics.  Aside from my ‘lost cycling’ I don’t really do much else… and honestly I don’t know how to handle that.  I only have classes 3 days a week and I go to campus the other 2 days just to get out of the house and do something.  Who wants to stay home all day?  Not me… I want some other form of structure to my day.  I’m not complaining, having all this time dedicated to my studies is great!  It’s just not a structure I’m used too.  This is the first time in my life where I haven’t been working or had some club or extracurricular to attend.  I’m not used to having all this time on my hands!  It’s nice because I’ve been able to use my free time to get out and see the city, but still…

Living next to the beach is a nice change of scenery.  I like cycling down the pier at dusk and watch the sun set.  The clouds here are indescribable.  Every time I set my gaze towards the sky I know I will be rewarded by some incredible pink or purple or orange montage of shapes and textures.  I blame the coast happily for that.  I’ve also found a wonderful spot on Amager beach.  From the Amager beach I climb a slight hill and watch the planes land at CopenhagenAirport… I’ve practically lived next to an airport my entire life and never in my life have I found a more relaxing moment then when I cycle down beach side and watch the planes come in.  I think it’s how precise the whole process is.  The planes come in every 2 minutes and it’s just something else at dusk, when the sun is setting behind you and these massive 747’s are coming in blazing so bright and brilliant and so close if you feel that if you close your eyes you can almost touch them.  It’s just a different moment.  One that I have come to enjoy on my lazy evenings in Copenhagen.

I’m getting stronger on my bike… and also miraculously obtaining better balance somehow.  Today I was able to cycle HANDS FREE for about 5 seconds!  Now that is an accomplishment.  One handed I can cycle fine.  But Look!  No Hands for a little!  I feel like a little kid practicing my cycling hands free… I always get a few genuine laughs and smiles from other cyclists.  The wind here gives a nice resistance workout on many of my cycles, and I enjoy the challenge.  I also take it upon myself now to race the cars on my way to campus.  Most of the time they win, but someday soon I will beat one… I can just feel it!

I find myself surprised at the fact that it’s the middle of September now.  I wonder when the novelty of Copenhagen will wear off.  I think I’m slowly getting used to the fact that this is actually my home now.  It’s been weird living in this temporary housing, just because of the fact that I still don’t feel completely at home.  I have a move at some point lurking over my head and then I will finally be settled (2months later).  I do like living on my own again though, and somehow this is completely different then my undergraduate living.  I feel more domesticated somehow- something I didn’t think I would say about myself for a while.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’ll be here for 2 years.

Random musings from a Monday night.  Enjoy.


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