Fall is in the air

I saw a very interesting art exhibition on Friday.  It was in a small gallery, more of a room in a basement.  It was labeled ‘an interactive video installation on generation fucked-up’. It was pretty much an installation of music videos.  However I found the concept to be quite interesting.  You have two options, listen to the soundclip that correlates directly with the video, or listen to the soundtrack on an mp3 player on random so the music doesn’t necessarily sync with the images on the screen.  It was an interesting way to watch a music video.  I wouldn’t have called it art, but then again… that’s just my definition.  I watched each of the 12 videos with the songs attached to the images on the screen, and I listened to a couple songs on shuffle while moving around from screen to screen.  Even though I didn’t understand any of the Danish music playing, I still managed to get some message of the ‘fucked up’ generation.  The cinematic value of the videos made up for the fact that I couldn’t understand what I was listening to.  12 different directors created the 12 different 3-4 minute video clips and I enjoyed each of them.  I got to talk with the artist for a bit after, I didn’t realize he was the man singing on the videos.  It had been quite successful also; there was a line out the door the first day!  I’m glad the room was somewhat empty as I don’t see how more than 5 people can fit comfortably in there… HA!  Another interesting visual and another interesting person met.  Successful day.  I also biked past a tea shop called the madhatter… I will have to try this out today on my way to the coffee festival!  Fall is in the air and it is quite gorgeous… autumn is definitely my favorite season.  Godt Weekend!


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