Today was a great Sunday, after an excellent Saturday.  I successfully went flea market & second hand shopping Saturday, in the inner city of Copenhagen.  It was really nice visiting these shops.  Each shop we stepped foot in was clean, organized, and pretty popular!  I found a rain coat for 280 kroner, which yes is something I would pay new for in the states, but here in Copenhagen I found it cheap… so I was happy… it’s a nice rain coat… some of the clothes we found were ripped or falling apart.  Still it was a successful day hunting for the bargains!  I have a better idea of both the city and the prices of everything here!

Amy and I cooked a Mexican style feat in my kitchen last night.  Its super cute we ate on my floor.  I bought a cheap rug from Bilka and we dragged an end table from Amy’s old room over to my new place and we dress up the table and  sit Indian style on the rug and have a really good time eating on the floor.  On my 2 plates and 1 cup and the forks and knives I managed to take with me.  It’s kinda nice though, living the simplistic life.  Less dishes I thinkJ 

Sunday was fun, we went to the Carlsberg art gallery (when he died he left his entire personal art collection to the city if they would display it all in a museum for all to see).  Kinda cool if you ask me.  Boy the collection he has!  I could have easily spent 4 + hours in there but only spent  2ish.  Amy and I ate our lunch on the steps outside the museum, and then biked over to the Carlsberg brewery for the tour.  Which was actually really interesting, and 2 beers were included in the price.  Carlsberg actually brews a nice lager that I really enjoy.  I like the home style feeling I get from Carlsberg… it’s been around since the 1847 and J.C Jacobsen wanted so badly to be involved with the public and leave so much to them… He has a nice estate too. 


We caught a little bit of the art festival that we went to earlier in the week, and caught the end of a musical act that was quite good.  It was a European Regina Spektor feel. 

I got to swing on a swingset in the square.  That was fun… I haven’t been on a swing since this summer… I really miss playgrounds (yes I still go swing on swingsets every time I have the chance… you should all try it again)


Now I’m home researching books and class material for the start of school this weekJ  Goodnight all!




Read more about the history here:


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