Favorite Spaces

I forgot how much I loved being a student.  I am fully back on my student schedule, which consists of staying out until the sun comes up and sleeping until it goes back down again.   In all seriousness though, I do love the freedom that comes with being back in academia.  Nothing compares to the perfect moment when you discover that cozy café to call home for weekly study sessions or relaxation time.  Knowing that you aren’t tied down with a 9-5 is also an amazing feeling.

Being a student allows you to give yourself the time you need; the time to grow—both from your studies and what you learn about life from the world around you.  I am so blessed to live in a place that gifts me with many amazing people to meet and share my story with.  Copenhagen and I think Europe in general allow a greater amount of communication with a diverse group of people… its crazy how comfortable everyone is meeting people.  This is surely the most welcoming city I’ve ever stepped foot in.

I found the cutest little café tonight.  This is the place I’ve been looking for.  I foresee many evenings spent here.  It is a nonprofit café housed in an old, charming house with large, soft sofas, fireplace and retro wallpaper.  The barista’s are all volunteer, and they send their surplus to India and Sierra Leone.

About Cafe Retro

Cafe Retro is a nonprofit café . This means that the profits from your coffee go to humanitarian projects in third world countries instead of our own pocket. The projects we are even, and that means that there is a minimum of administration and that we have a close contact with the people we support.

Cafe Retro is a creative café . This means that we besides serving coffee, nachos and beer also hold concerts three times a week, exhibiting art on our walls and regularly invites you to theme nights, knitting club, salsa lessons, music quiz and much more. The musicians play for free, and those who hires musicians also work for free. Like those who organize theme nights, teaches dance, wash the café floor, building a new bar, reading poetry, editing the website and everything else.

I love to support places like this and the atmosphere of this café couldn’t be beat.  It is perfect and it is my new home!

Sunday was another gorgeous day spent exploring.  Amy and I decided to see first hand why the Danes are so crazy about brunch.  We went to Café 22.  It was a brunch!  There was an extensive buffet to choose from, so we each ordered that and a coffee and sat and ate to our hearts delight in the Copenhagen sunshine.  It was a gorgeous day by the canal (which the Danes refer to as lakes) and I had quite an enjoyable morning with a lakeside view.  Then we biked home.  The wind was crazy today and made our bike ride quite hard, but we figured it was just the earth balancing us out for all the food we stuffed into our mouths at brunch.  After a lazy afternoon, I rode my bike to a park to read some of my book and got caught in a downpour forcing me to leave my park spot and bike the entire way home in the rain – freezing the entire ride home.  Nothing tea and a warm shower couldn’t fix however! I was warm enough in no time!  Now its off to bed, hopefully I’ll pass my Danish oral exam tomorrow!


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