I’ve been here how long already?!

and I already feel so at home… which must say something about how amazing Copenhagen is… given the circumstances of my home life right now.  Quick update on that, I am probably moving this week so it will be another stressful week and I try to repack and then unpack.

I’ve been having a great weekend!  Friday I went out with my roommate Amy and some of the friends we have made from Danish class– we had a picnic dinner and then caught the end of an awesome reggae fest beside the canal.  Then proceeded to bar hopped around Copenhagen which is so simple and easy to do and every bar seems to be just as good as the last.  I still can’t get over how the night life here really doesn’t get kickin until AFTER 1am. The bars and clubs stay open all night– usually until 6am.  It is rare for a place to close before then! Consequently, I’ve been staying out later– I was out until 4am the other night!  But it’s really easy when everyone is partying that late– Group Think at its finest!  I don’t mind enjoying the night life… it really is something here.  Saturday Amy and I took a long walk through the park to Norreport (kindof the hub of Copenhagen) and went shopping in the glass covered market there… we decided to have a semi picnic lunch and bought a loaf of fresh rosemary bread and some delish spread.  We caught the end of the Pride parade (this week it was Pride week in Denmark)  and wow the people in the parade were having a good time… the Pride party lasted all night long in Rådhuspladsen, which is the city hall sqaure.  Amy and I then sat in a park for the rest of the afternoon eating our delicious bread and enjoying the amazing weather.  After we biked home I did some laundry and such, then it was out with friends.  

Its about a 30-40 minute bike ride from my house to anywhere really in the city so we left for the night around 8… went to a jazz bar (and found out later that there was no jazz that night– HAHA) but we stayed there until around 11ish… then biked over to the old meatpacking district (YES THIS IS WHAT IT IS STILL CALLED NOW!!!)  which is now a hip area full of nightclubs and bars and such, and we were going to the bar Jolene, but when we got there around 11:30 it was really empty and nothing seemed to be going on, so we walked around and found this other bar which seemed to be pretty popular… (oh and everyone just drinks in the street here like its no big deal).  This bar had a MASSIVE crowd outside, so we went there and chatted for a while with our group… I met a girl from Spain, a girl from France, 2 girls from Germany, a couple of Americans and a girl from the UK.  we all just chatted and mingled… then around 1 we headed over to Jolenes and decided to start the party and just went in and danced… I LOVED THE MUSIC THERE… I actually went to that bar in Copenhagen when I was here last summer, I’ve always wanted to refind it!  I can’t even explain the music, its like electronic but not annoying — you just have to experience it… but then we stayed out until around 2:30 and then decided to bike home with my roommate and a new friend Georgia (who also lives here in signalhuset).  It was nice biking home with friends, I don’t think I would have done it alone… if I lived in the city maybe, but its just really dark out in Amager (where I live).  But you can see the stars and they are just beautiful!  

Me and Amy were thinking of donig a kayaking tour through the canals today, but I heard they are a little pricey and take a while… we’ve just been having such amazing weather that if I am ever going to go swimming in Copenhagen this weekend would be it haha– but Im kindof not feeling that so much today so I think we might have lunch in a park– i’ve been doing that a lot also, its so much fun! and then Christiania tonight for the free concert at 6!  A bunch of my new friends went to Malmo (Sweden) today, apparently they have a giant festival that starts this week, and goes all week!  So I might have to go during the week at some point– if im not moving.  Malmo is only like a 30 minute train ride!  Its so cool that everything is so close here.  I think i’ll also go to OctoberFest in Germany this year 🙂


Anyway, short update for the weekend.  I will start a job hunt this week I think before Orientation and everything starts for my Master’s classes next week– I’ve got 3 JAM PACKED days of orientation and I couldn’t be more excited about starting my classes.  One of them is Organizational and Institutional Analysis —

This course provides an advanced introduction to the theories and analyzes of media organizations and institutions and their interaction with society and culture. 
The course describes, inter alia, journalistic production processes, media market structures, public media regulation, organizations internal structure and external relations, users’ access to and experience of media, methods of empirical analysis of the media and their users etc.

AND the

Art of Sound in Cinema: course in cinematic sound studies

In this course the students will learn to critically engage with cinema sound by way of film soundtrack analysis. The course will address questions as well as aesthetic choices in the communication and cognition of sound in cinema, video and digital media in a basic level.
The classroom discussion and related theories in soundtrack analysis will deal with narrative discourses that arise from the different strategies of converging sound and moving image to make meaning. A number of relevant film soundtracks will be discussed and analyzed


SO EXCITING!  I Can’t wait to be back in Academia 



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