A quick update as I head off to bed…

Today was a great day!  After Danish class (which didn’t completely kick my butt– I still don’t know anything but I struggle through) some friends and I went to the beach!  It was such a lovely day to go to the beach!  Sitting in the Danish sun is definitely worth it, it is absolutely gorgeous when it isn’t hiding behind clouds!  I also am continuously fascinated that I can see Sweden from where I am.  I saw the Coast of Sweden just sitting on the beach today– and SO many windmills!  Love that daily reminder to go green:)  

We biked to the beach from campus and it was only a 15 minute bike ride, and spent all afternoon there.  I studied a little bit of danish while soaking up some rays… the sun makes everything better! Around 4 we started the bike ride back home.  I had some mail from the Bank and my telephone company over here, which stresses me out just a little because I know when I get a letter I have to put aside at least an hour to sit down and translate it and then figure out how the heck to actually do what the letter told me.  That is definitely the most frustrating part… all my bills and important things are sent to me in Danish– gah!  I ran over to bilka to get some more food, I think i’ll start making sandwich’s and bring them to campus with me.  I managed to get a pretty decent size tub of grapes for only 11 kroner, some more apples for snacking.   I picked up some rye bread for 9.50 some tomatoes and lettuce and some cheese for sandwich’s as well.  I spent 75 kroner on everything… not too bad but again, not what im used to spending for food in the grocery store.  

Then it was off with some more friends for a BBQ in the park.  A lot of the exchange students already have mentors here (I have not gotten one yet– sad face) and they take the men tee’s out so they can ask questions, get to know some Danes, and of course some Danish places.  It was quite nice.  Every little grocery store here sells a little tub of self lighting charcoal in a foil baking pan for 15 kroner.  We just pop whatever we want on top and voila!  Instant BBQ– when we arrived I saw that they were roasting marshmallows!  I immediately exclaimed Oh are you making smores?!  And was greeted with a look of confusion.  They all asked me to repeat myself and I said Smores!  you know with Hersheys?  They looked at me like I was from another planet.  They didn’t even know what a Hershey bar was!  So I explained it a little further.  You take Graham Crackers- and was stopped again– What’s a Graham cracker– like a biscuit?  I was shocked and astounded that these people had never heard of Smore’s, Hershey bars, or Graham Crackers– I felt like I was from another planet.  So after some more detailed explanation of how you usually make it around a campfire, and you smush it all together to a pile of yumminess, I finally found a wikipedia page from google and showed them each a picture and what a proper smore looks like.  Granted they were all still confused, and said that I probably wouldn’t have much luck finding graham crackers or hershey bars in Denmark — (Oh MOM!  Looks like you will have to include THAT in my care package!!)  

But seriously… the rest of the night everyone kept calling me graham, and I was just sitting there in shock that no one knew what a Smore was.  haha I am just SO american.

Also found out that no one refers to undergraduate education as ‘college’ its Uni- or University.  Also the whole Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior thing is completely lost on them.  Oh me and my American ways.  

Whatever. I’m bringing Smores to Denmark– I can’t wait til they taste a proper one… they will know why I got so crazy over how they could have never tasted one! 

Also, on my way home, I saw a girl with hoops.  Naturally I ran up to her and asked her where/how/when she made them.  I got her number and she told me that she has started a workshop where you can come make hoops, and that they have started a group that hoops in the park.

WIN FOR TODAY:)  Denmark is gonna be a happy place… all I need is Smores and Hoops apparently! 


Night for now:)


One thought on “Smores

  1. Hi Caitlin:
    You will score with a Smore if you can get one of your Danish Friends to try one.
    One taste and they will be hooked for life. Glad to hear you are feeling better about Denmark and your classes are going well.

    Love Papa and Grandma


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