No smiles… just tears in Denmark

So much for the happiest country in the world.  The last two days have been tears tears tears from both me and my roommates end.  Our apartment was broken into and she had some of her things stolen and my Medicine (for my arthritis) was stolen.  

-Which I just found out oh about an hour ago.

-What kind of person steals someones medication.  I need this medicine to be able to move- literally- my body will shut down if I don’t have it… I know this for a fact.  I’ve experienced it and it is not comfortable reverting back to my 80 year old grandma status (sorry Grandma, this isn’t a jab at you 🙂 )  — That was my trying to find some humor as I wait for the police to come.

Honestly I’m in shock.  Why steal someones livelihood? What if I needed that on a daily basis?  I would be dead right now.  I haven’t found a doctor yet as I have still just moved here and am still in the process of setting all of that up.  

Looks like that has moved to prioritie number one for the time being.  
I’ve never had all this stress in one week.  This is gonna be a tough one to figure out.

Blogging is somehow keeping my mind together while I am waiting for the politi.  Hopefully they will be of some assistance but I don’t think I even want my medicine back now.


Sad days.  There better be some good ones to weigh out this bad or im catching the next flight home :(:( 


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