Danish… NO WAY

Alright, first off… I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while.  Mom and I were vacationing and away and then classes started and I got a new roommate!

I LOVE my roommate—I think we are going to get along just fine, and I think it helps that she’s American and seems to be just as outgoing as I am.  She’s from San Fran so we’re from opposite coasts but I love it!  She invited me out to dinner with her mom the other night and I got to meet her and it was just an all around wonderful time I had chatting with the two of them. 

 So on to what’s been keeping me so busy.  This Danish Language Course.  I’m honestly ready to drop out.  I don’t think I have the capability to learn another language.  I struggled through 3 years of French in high school and all I got out of that was je na sas pas… or however you write it in French, which means ‘I don’t know’.  I can’t even say ‘I don’t know’ properly in Danish… but at least I semi-know what it is… (I had to look it up for the purpose of this blog) Det ved jeg ikke.  I don’t know.  It’s a 3 week course and I think that it’s just over my head.  The instructor only speaks to us in Danish and I completely fail to understand what she is saying because she repeats it over and over until one of us flips a page or catches some glimpse of what she could possibly be referring to.  I mean… it IS only the second day, but we cover SO MUCH material in one class and then she expects us to go home and memorize ALL of it?  I spent 3 hours practicing after my 3 hour class today and just got so flustered and frustrated that I practically worked myself into tears and had to stop because that was just not making any progress. 1 step forward… I’m also honestly bothered by my ‘can’t’ do attitude.  I would always tell my students, “what happens when you take the t off of can’t?!” But I am ready to throw in the towel at this point.  Things just don’t make sense.  I don’t understand where they are coming from in forming these sentences, Danes apparently don’t ever really form correct sentences they just throw words together and then expect you to figure out the meaning… Fine if Danish was my first language but I’m trying to actually comprehend what you are saying so that I can, you know, UNDERSTAND DANISH!  Isn’t that the whole point of this?  Or maybe we’re just supposed to suck up enough words to get the big picture when the Danes speak to us.  Either way its super SUPER frustrating and I am just not following.

 Yes it is only the 2nd day.  I’m hoping… actually at this point PRAYING that it gets better and I can retain some sort of Danish.  I don’t see that happening anytime soon… let alone in 3 weeks.  I need Danish for kindergartners.  Oh yeah, and they really think that we will be able to hold conversations with the Danish we learn from this class?  LAUGHABLE!  The Danes apparently also just throw out words in a sentence that they find to long, because it just takes to long to get your point across.  Perfect. Leave out half the sentence and expect me to understand you.  Great logic. 

 Also the way they say the time.  This makes absolutely no sense to me and one I can’t wrap my head around.  I’ll start out with an easy one.  If it’s 1:00pm the danes say et (Danish word for 1) Now lets go to 1:05pm.  Fem minutter over et.  English- 5 minutes past one.  Why you wouldn’t just say 1:05 is beyond me.  Now on to 1:15.  Kvart ovet et. English- quarter past one.  I have never in my life said oh it’s a quarter past one when someone asks me what the current time is.  It’s 1 freaking 15.  You’d think for such lazy speakers in every other aspect of the language they would just shorten it to 1:15.  or 13:15 (military time).  Now onto the HARDEST one.  1:35.  Danish- fem minutter over halv to.  English basically five minutes over the half to two.  Who in the world would EVER speak like that?  It’s 2:35!  Not oh yes actually it’s  5 minutes past the half closest to 2… The teacher in class made me feel like an idiot because I when she was explaining that I told her I never say half… She thought Oh you have never read a clock before your used to all digital?  No I know where the minute and hour hand go on a clock I have just never in my life said yes its 5 minutes past the half closest to 2.  Trying to figure out the Danish/English translation in my head and then trying to remember what the half past is (because those words have never passed your lips) when you’re standing in front of the class and the teacher just keeps repeating herself is NOT helping me.

 Frustrating pretty much sums up my day.  Also I am getting continually angry at the price of everything.  I need to find a job.  But I need to know Danish to find a job, so looks like I’m going to be coming home once I run out of my money, which will be relatively soon.  UGH


 I’m really trying to find the bright side to this day but it’s just not working.  I hate being this pessimistic person but I am so SO frustrated with everything in Denmark right now it seems.  I just can’t wait to actually start my Master’s classes — if I can ever figure out how to actually register for the class—everyone here is on Holiday until the middle of August—great for them, but I’m sitting here in a pool of panic. 

It rains so randomly here and I am sick of getting caught in the rain without a proper jacket.  The one I have is 10x to  big for me so I find it useless to wear because the jacket gets caught in my bike.  Which leaves me sweaty and soaking by the time I get home.  Sweaty because I am not used to biking this much every day and soaking from both my gross sweat and incessant random rain.  

At least I like my roommates. 



2 thoughts on “Danish… NO WAY

  1. Just go with the flow kiddo! Everylanguage has its idiosyncrasies (?sp) And hang in there!!!
    Love ya!!! Barb.

  2. Well Caith,
    Today is Wednesday, the 8th. I hope things are going better. Don’t get discouraged. You are just as smart, if not smarter, than everybody else and you will lean that language just keep studying and think what a great opportunity this is to learn a new culture.
    Don’t worry about money. God will provide and you will have it when you need it.
    I’m sure your Dad and Mom and us will figure out how to wire transfer money right into your account.
    I haven’t talked to your Mom jet since she has been home. She must be very busy.
    You hang in there and things will begin to click. Just remember to keep saying: I can, I can and you will.

    Love you granddaughter,

    Grandma and Papa

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