A walk down Strøget & other places

Lisa here. We’ve done so much walking here in Copenhagen.  Today we started early as we were going to make our way towards the American Embassy and let them know Caitlin was here. Don’t know why we thought we could walk right in and say hello.  We were turned away at the door and told we needed an appointment! I really couldn’t believe that so I asked the gate keeper again saying, “Are you sure we need an appointment, we’re American Citizens! My daughter is going to graduate School here and we just wanted to let you know she was going to be here for a while…” The nice young man told me EVERYONE needed an appointment and directed me to the sign which had the American Embassy Website address on it. Well, all that walking and mission number one for the day was unsuccessful.

So, we then we walked down the street and found Kastellet which had an awesome windmill … which we took pictures of.  It was a beautiful cool breezy day… sun shining… We walked down the street and roamed around Amalienborg, which is the winter home of the royal family.

Image ImageImage

Next we found our way to Rosenberg Castle, where we walked around for a bit. I wasn’t much interested in seeing the treasury of jewels.  Queen Margrethe II is a direct descendant of Gorm the old. Image

We stopped at a delightful little shop at the park entrance where Caitlin ordered a most delicious Chai Latte.


We also went to the botanical gardens which is part of the University of Copenhagen… pretty place, can’t imagine the work involved in the upkeep of that place. They had a butterfly room. I tried to catch one but it flew away.



Then we went to the train station and bought our train tickets to Bornholm for our trip on Thursday…

Took a stroll down Strøget which is the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe.  We saw the most people I’ve seen ever here in DK. We found a nice place to eat lunch which had an all you eat buffet… and we ate our fill.

Impressions, Copenhagen is a quiet city.  People walk and bike and metro everywhere. Cars are small and there are fewer of them. Everything is extremely expensive.  Minimum wage here is equivalent to about $20.00.  Smørrebrød (open faced sandwiches) are delightful… especially the one with smoked herring topped with some kind of egg salad, crisp fresh onion and some greens served on a dense piece of rye…. Yummmm. The people we’ve met have been very welcoming.  Obesity isn’t an issue here, with all the walking and biking people do. Overall I think they all leave much less of a footprint on their surroundings. I find myself remembering to bring the reusable bags to the supermarket, and not using reams of TP in the bathroom. People here unplug their appliances when not in use and recycle bottles for $$.

The sun rises early and sets late… 10:00 pm… or rather 22:00 hours…and when we fall into bed at night it takes no time at all to fall asleep. I’m signing off now… Night everyone.

-mama trekker



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