Monday July 30th 2012

Today was another day filled with sights to see and lots of walking.  I also got my bike today!  It’s a 7 speed bike and it has a cute little basket and lights and a bell!  I took it for a ride to see how long it would take me to bike to campus which turned out to be 20 minutes… not too shabby! 


 My Bike!  Haven’t picked out a name yet… taking suggestions!

We headed right to the tourist office this morning to inquire about the regional trains and how they work.  After taking our ticket for the queue we looked around, picking up some maps and brochures for different things.  A short 10 minutes later we were greeted by a smiling face ready to answer our questions.  I asked her about the train system and she told me all about it… yes!  Ready to conquer some other parts of Denmark!  After that it was off to get my bike.  The red one that I had initially wanted had been sold, so I picked out a similarly priced gray bike.  After some haggling courtesy of my awesome mom, we got a discount on the basket bike lights and bike lock.  They said it would be ready to go by 4pm that day, and we were off to explore more of Copenhagen! 

We did a canal tour of Copenhagen, which allowed us to see the city from the water.  I really enjoyed the tour we went on.  We were allowed to ‘hop on & hop off’ so we could see the sights we wanted up close.  We got off at the little mermaid and said hello to this little lady!


The famous little mermaid!

 After that it was back on the boat to see the rest of Copenhagen. 


 Some sights seen from the boat!

 We ate lunch in Nhyavn, which is absolutely stunning.  The houses lining the main canal are all historical landmarks, and we ate a traditional Danish lunch of smørrebrød at Cap Horn.  We ate 3 delicious open face sandwich’s, but mom and I agreed the Herring was our favorite… I don’t think I’ve ever had Herring before but this was awesome!  The only thing I don’t really like about Denmark is that EVERYONE smokes here.  They don’t seem to have laws about smoking on the outside terraces of restaurants and I find it a little hard to enjoy the taste of a meal when someone is practically blowing smoke in your face.  Yuck.  The meal was a little costly DKK 330 or 54 USD but it was so worth it to bite into this delicious tradition.  A wicked storm blew in right as we were finishing lunch and we quickly ‘hopped on’ to the second leg of our tour of the day, the ‘hop on & hop off’ bus tour of the city.  


Our Delicious Lunch!


We were able to ride out the storm and see a lot of the city from the bus.  Copenhagen is really a small city; you can see practically every major site in an hour on the bus!  I think that is why so many people bike around here!  After our bus tour we were back to the bike shop to pick up my bike and then back to the metro to head home.  I got off at the stop near my University to time how long it would take me to travel home, and biked up right as my mother was crossing the little bridge to get to my building.  Perfect timing!  We went to the mall to actually look around at what the largest mall in Scandinavia had to offer, got an ice cream treat and stocked up on some breakfast for tomorrow.  It’s bed time again now.  Looking forward to another awesome day tomorrow in Copenhagen!  Hopefully we will be able to get out and get pictures of all the things we couldn’t in the rain!


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