A not so lazy Sunday

Sunday July 29, 2012


Today was an excellent day! I woke up without a sore back because I had a wonderful bed to sleep in. when I finally rolled out of bed it was time to go to Christianshavn, part of Copenhagen to walk around this beautiful part of the city.  First stop was a walk past the Royal Library.  In Copenhagen if it is not a special shopping day, most stores and businesses are closed.  We couldn’t go inside the library, but we got to see the town around it.  After walking around the canal’s in this part of town, we took a walk around Christiansborg palace & gardens, where these kids were either having the best acid trip of their life or just doing some interpretive dancing… either way it was kindof awkward walking past people just twirling and spinning with no real destination in mind.  The gardens and castle were beautiful and mom and I enjoyed walking around the grounds.  We continued our walk around Copenhagen and casually strolled over to Christianshavn, which is best known for its picturesque streets and canals.  I think this is my favorite part of the city, because you really get a feel for how old this place actually is.  We stopped and had lunch at a little sandwich shop here, where our chef whipped together a yummy tuna fish sandwich for us, which we split.  We then continued our walk and stopped in Lagashust—resisting the temptation to buy every pastry in sight.  This shop is famous for its sweets, when I was in Copenhagen last year I had the pleasure of enjoying a strawberry tart and savored every last bite.  Today we just savored the smells.  We continued our walk down the canals and meandered over to the entrance of Christiana, Copenhagen’s free town.  We didn’t have enough time to take a stroll through the streets, however I did get to take a picture of the entrance, and then we headed on our way back to the metro. 

We then walked around my campus, and found the building where my language course would be.  I think the campus is pretty much closed for the summer, or it might have been that it was Sunday, but we couldn’t go in any of the buildings, so we just lazily walked around them.  We then walked from campus back to my apartment to see how long the walk would be (it’s 45 minutes).  On the walk home we passed by this very interesting stained glass art piece.  Mom and I decided it was about the creation of life.  There was a statue in the middle of women’s bodies surrounded by water. We then realized that the stained glass was different pictures of distorted men and women’s bodies.  My grandpa says that women are the hub of the wheel.  I think this piece is centered around women and how they are the center of the creation of life.  The water (which is usually a sign of life) flowed over the women’s bodies and surrounding the statue the glass art with men and women and other forms of life… I’m not entirely sure on this one…I’ll post some of the pictures and let you guys figure it out for yourself.  When I get on the internet tomorrow I am going to translate a brochure I found in Danish that (hopefully) explains what this piece is about.  Whatever it is I still find it gorgeous.  At night it lights up, but I have yet to see it when it is dark out because it doesn’t get dark until much after 10:00pm. 



the middle part of the piece



one of the 4 main sections 


pregnant woman



weirdo lookin man?

We then headed over to Bilka to get the FINAL things needed for my apartment and headed home.  I was able to finish putting my room together and then relax and eat dinner with mom.  We planned out our Monday (I’m getting my new bike!!) and now moms relaxing while I am blogging!  It’s been a fun day!  I can’t wait to start seeing some more of Denmark this week! 


Peace and love   




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