Hello world!

My hope for this blog is to help keep my friends & family visually updated throughout my journey in Denmark.  I feel that this way is easiest to ‘check in’ and see how i’m doing!  & of course you can all Skype my whenever we can find a time (remember Copenhagen is 6 hours + our time).  Happy blogging (:


9 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Countdown to Copenhagen….
    When Caitlin first announced that she planned to study in Denmark, I started saving my pennies with the expectation that at some point I’d visit her there. Caitlin, I’m touched that you asked (and wanted) me to accompany you at the outset of your travels. As the oldest of three, you’re the one who’s always looked at life as a big adventure and found ways to make these adventures happen. I know I will treasure our time together and the memories of this trip. Meanwhile, I do understand about the letting go and leaving behind everything and everyone who’s ever meant something to you as you prepare to be abroad for two years. With closets are being emptied, memorabilia disposed of, bags getting packed and about two weeks left to go, the moments you have here with family and friends will soon be just treasured memories. It’s not easy, but with so much looking forward to do, don’t worry about looking behind. We’ll all be eager to hear about your daily life in Copenhagen, and this blog is a great way for all of us to keep in touch with you. Live well, eat well, continue to respect your body and open your arms to all that awaits. So happy and excited about our trip. I love you!

  2. Hello Caitlin! I’m so glad that you’re doing a blog so we can hear how your adventure is going. Just stay away from any rabbit holes, Alice!

  3. Pmomma! Even though I tell you all the time I don’t want you to leave (which I don’t because that means I won’t see you for a while), I really am super excited for you and this amazing opportunity you’ve received and I hope you have an AMAZING time! Make sure to keep in contact with me/facebook/tweet/mail me stuff and I’ll return the favor :). Don’t get too crazy ;)…or do. Haha, love you so much!

  4. Have fun Caitlin! I can’t wait to hear about and follow your exciting adventures of life in Denmark. Love ya! Uncle Steve

  5. Wonderful -Wonderful Copenhagen, for our Wonderful granddaughter.
    Precious Caitlin: You are our “continuous wonderful joy” whom we still recall as a little girl running headlong to us through a long hallway at your Mom and Dad’s MIT apartment when you were growing up in Boston. Today you are grown and still running through the hallways of your own lifetime and experiencing what your life has to offer you . We wish you God’s blessings and the continued good fortune of your experiencing that deep love of all those people around you as well as those you may meet in your new world in gay Copenhagen. Remember, wherever you wander, wherever you roam, be healthy and happy and glad to come home. We’ll be missing you and checking your blog site often to see your new and exciting adventures.
    Love always Grandma and Papa Kuzia

  6. Dear Cait, It is wonderful that you are going on this great life adventure. We wish you everythng good, and know that you will make the most of all things that come your way. We as well look forward to hearing stories, and seeing pictures from you during this next chapter of life. We send our love to you, and who knows…we have not been overseas in some time, we may just surprise you someday with a visit. Be good, best wishes Don & Barb

  7. Dear Cait, I miss you a lot and Alice is find but she miss you too be safe and have a fun 2 years in Denmark.

  8. Caitlin,
    Here’s wishing you the best in what will surely be one of the most wonderful and memorable experiences of your life. If your study abroad is anything close to my experience, you will cherish the memories you make for a lifetime!

    Copenhagen is a quaint and interesting city. I am excited to hear of your adventures! Let me know when you meet the Little Mermaid.

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